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The beginning of your journey starts here. Join one of our popular training sessions in Dubai or Abu Dhabi to prepare you for the adventures ahead. In the UAE Trekkers, nobody trains for the mountain alone, so this is a great opportunity to make friends and meet fellow Trekkers.


Take your journey to the next level. Revel in your newfound strength and fitness as you embark upon one of our practise treks in Oman or UAE. With each step, you will draw closer towards the biggest challenge of all…


With your practice treks and weeks of training under your belt, you’re now ready to tackle one of the highest mountains in the world. Accompanied by guides and other Trekkers, you’ll attempt to summit Kilimanjaro, Elbrus or Aconcagua.


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About UAE Trekkers

Footsteps to the summit

We are the UAE Trekkers – a passionate group of hikers, climbers, nature lovers, and aspiring mountaineers.

We are a welcoming and inclusive group and our members include those of all ages and abilities, from beginner trekkers to aspiring mountaineers. We also offer many hikes and treks for families and teens.

Our overarching goal is to gradually climb bigger and bigger mountains, learn new skills and push ourselves farther than we thought we could ever dream of.

We work towards these goals together, and each year, recycle through our favorite hikes and mountains, and slowly add bigger and more challenging ones.

Joining UAE Trekkers is joining a team – not signing up for a trip with a travel agency.

We offer trekker-specific training events almost every day in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and soon, in Al Ain. These training sessions have bigger goals than just some exercise – they are team building, friend making, limit pushing sessions.

The mountains, deserts and wadis of UAE and Oman are our training ground, and hiking here is an adventure like no other. There are no marked trails and no maps, and the weather conditions can alter the routes we take. We like to think this is all part of the fun!

Explore beautiful scenery. Push yourself beyond your known limits, or join one of our family-friendly treks with the UAE Trekkers.

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