If you want to;

1) know who you are going with before you leave

2) train with them, and

3) get the support to ensure you are fully prepared to be successful.  We will be with you throughout these 3 key phases of your overall preparation for Kilimanjaro.  No other company or travel agency provides this type of specific and extensive preparation.

We specialize in beginners and novice trekkers. Most of our climbers on Kilimanjaro have zero climbing, trekking, or hiking experience, and sometimes no fitness whatsoever. This is not an obstacle. We understand and cater to the demands of people who have never done something like this. Our reputation for being supportive, encouraging, and motivating is unmatched and is backed with personal testimonials and positive reviews – and successful summits!


Representative of UAE: Every trip has multiple nationalities, cultural backgrounds (just like UAE!). Most of our treks include trekkers of at least 7 -9 different nationalities.


Experience with developing a specific, tailored program for extended day trekking/mountaineering. 1 hour daily workouts are great! But they are not going to prepare you appropriately for trekking many hours over multiple days, uphill, at increasing altitude and decreasing oxygen.  We have developed a program that includes activities that builds the right muscles, skills and mental fortitude required for novice and beginning mountaineers to reach the summit.

When we say its all included, we really mean – its all included. Airfare. Transfers. Hotel stays with 1 other person, tent with 1 other person (not 2) Gear. Water. Food. We wont’ hit you up for ‘extras’ that you don’t’ know about.  There are no surprises.  We include the following extras as standard on all camping style treks:

Airport transfers and pickups and 1 night hotel stay before and after trek

Portable Toilet on the trek, even at lunches

Kilimanjaro: 1:1 Guide Ratio on Summit night, WFR certified, trained, salaried, guides

3/3 course meals standard each day plus post hike snacks

Emergency evacuation insurance *

Twin sharing tents. (not 3)

Access to Solar charger

Access to satellite phone, Spot Tracking System daily OK messaging update to share with family/ friends