Train, Trek, Travel to the mountains of the UAE, Oman and Beyond.

UAE Trekkers is a pioneer in the trekking and adventure travel industry of the UAE, a leader in providing unique outdoor hiking experiences for locals and expats since 2011. UAE Trekkers serves over 5000 self-registered members throughout the region and collaborates in local sponsored events. UAE Trekkers partners with the best professional international trekking guides in Oman and abroad to give their clients the greatest possible experience in each country they visit and the best chance to successfully summit mountains.

UAE Trekkers understands the need to cater to clients of various involvement and comfort levels with the outdoors. They offer a range of difficulty-level treks for groups of 20-30 people in the mountains of the UAE and Oman every weekend. For beginner participants, this is an introduction into the world of trekking and mountaineering which eventually leads them to join expeditions in countries with bigger, harder mountains.

Weekend treks can last from single day hikes to full weekend excursions. Though hiking is always at the core of activity itineraries, multisport treks are not uncommon and can include (but not limited to) canyoning, rock climbing, wadi swimming, snorkeling in the sea, mountain biking, kayaking, and via ferrata, depending on the location. To make these experiences accessible to everyone, UAE Trekkers offers gear loans in the form of backpacks, water- reservoirs, and even hiking shoes for the occasional out of towners.

UAE Trekkers prides itself on upholding the highest safety standards of any hiking group in the UAE, planning hikes in a responsible and organized way. Certified guides, first aid kits, satellite phones and two-way radios are always used during hikes. In the coming seasons, they plan to partner with a travel agency to offer off road transportation to all destinations. Tourists will now be able to access all treks, provided they have the time and recommended fitness levels.

The guiding concept of UAE Trekkers is to be the exact opposite of a travel agency, where people just sign up and get on the plane, to one where the entire team has thoughtfully considered the seriousness of the journey for months in advance, and therefore put in the appropriate training and preparation together.

Beginners and less fit clients can start from zero, without any assumption of previous experience. Our reputation for being supportive, completely nonjudgmental, encouraging and motivating is unmatched and is backed with personal testimonials and positive reviews. We manage and satisfy the varying demands required of nationalities and levels of understanding by crossing cultural boundaries and forming lifelong bonds.


 Specializing in Beginners and Novice-Trekkers: Most of our climbers on Kilimanjaro have zero climbing, trekking, or hiking experience, and sometimes no fitness whatsoever. This is not an obstacle. Our regular Kilimanjaro program is marketed as “From Couch to Kilimanjaro in 3 months”. We understand and cater to the demands of people who have never done something like this. Our reputation for being supportive, encouraging, and motivating is unmatched and is backed with personal testimonials and positive reviews.

 Success with multiple nationalities, cultural backgrounds and occupations: Most of our treks include trekkers of at least 7 -9 different nationalities. We can manage and satisfy the varying demands required of nationalities and levels of understanding before  and while on the mountain.

 Experience with developing a specific, tailored program for trekking generally and Kilimanjaro specifically: Gym workouts, lifting weights, boot camp type 1 hour workouts are simply not appropriate training for trekking long hours at altitude.

Moreover, these activities in fact do not create the right attitude for climbing Kilimanjaro, where the word that you will use while you walk up the mountains is ‘pole, pole’ or ‘slowly, slowly’. We have developed a program that includes activities that builds the right muscles, skills and mental fortitude required for novice and beginning mountaineers to reach the summit.

“The group of people with the highest ‘fail’ rate on Kilimanjaro are very fit men between the ages of 20-35, because they fail to understand that don’t climb a mountain the same way you run a marathon.”


 Proven success record: 98% all members reach at least Stella, Gilmans, or Uhuru.

 Sport Specific Based Training Program in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

 Sequential sport specific training including day and overnight hikes

 Team building opportunities through preparation and planning

 In–country operator, oldest in the business on the mountain (since 1932)

 Personalized gear shopping

 Qualified, experienced guides at a high ratio of 1:2 guide/client

Since its conceptions, UAE Trekkers has trained and accompanied 14 teams (between 8 and 15 trekkers) to the Summit of Kilimanjaro and other mountains in the region. We have also taken teams successfully to the other high altitude mountains including:

 Turkey, Mt Ararat (5265m)

 Iran, Mt Damavand (5895m)

 Russia, Mt Elbrus (5675 m)

 Nepal, Everest Base Camp and Labouche Peak, Annapurna Base Camp

 Uganda and Rwanda, Mt Karasimbi, Gorilla Tracking

 Kyrgystan, Lenin’s Peak (7119 m)

The feedback from clients always reflects how essential and valuable the training program is to their overall success and enjoyment of the trek.


UAE Trekkers offers customized team building excursions for corporations and companies in the UAE. Nothing helps refresh the mind and motivate creative thinking like escaping from the daily routine of the office and city while building camaraderie between coworkers. Although everyone associates the UAE with the desert, the mountains are just as spectacular. Driving out of the city and seeing them on the approach en route to an exhilarating adventure is a stimulating and exciting way to spend a day!