Train, Trek, Travel to the mountains of the UAE, Oman and Beyond.

UAE Trekkers is a pioneer in the trekking and adventure travel industry of the UAE, a leader in providing unique outdoor hiking experiences for locals and expats since 2011. UAE Trekkers serves over 5000 self-registered members throughout the region and collaborates in local sponsored events. UAE Trekkers partners with the best professional international trekking guides in Oman and abroad to give their clients the greatest possible experience in each country they visit and the best chance to successfully summit mountains.

UAE Trekkers understands the need to cater to clients of various involvement and comfort levels with the outdoors. They offer a range of difficulty-level treks for groups of 20-30 people in the mountains of the UAE and Oman every weekend. For beginner participants, this is an introduction into the world of trekking and mountaineering which eventually leads them to join expeditions in countries with bigger, harder mountains.

Weekend treks can last from single day hikes to full weekend excursions. Though hiking is always at the core of activity itineraries, multisport treks are not uncommon and can include (but not limited to) canyoning, rock climbing, wadi swimming, snorkeling in the sea, mountain biking, kayaking, and via ferrata, depending on the location. To make these experiences accessible to everyone, UAE Trekkers offers gear loans in the form of backpacks, water- reservoirs, and even hiking shoes for the occasional out of towners.