UAE TREKKERS offers a variety of hiking, climbing, canyoning and trekking adventures in UAE and Oman and beyond.

Our day hiking programs all include a packed lunch, backpack, camelback and required water for the duration of the hike. We provide at least 2 trained, wilderness first aid certified and experienced guides on every trek.

Over the past five years, UAE Trekkers have established a reputation in the outdoor business for running organized, safe, and accessible hiking trips to popular destinations, as well as trips that are uniquely designed to more remote locations.  The most distinguished part of our reputation revolves around safety and preparation. Since there are few other companies providing such extensive options for hiking in the UAE, this has given us an advantage which we have not taken for granted.


When you sign up for a trek, you will see the hiker symbol which will define the difficulty of each trek.  Here is what those symbols actually mean:

Beginner trek:  You will be hiking on mostly flat ground, over some rocks, a few hills, but total will be under 4 hours.

Recommended fitness regime:  Exercising with cardio activities at a minimum of 3x per week, for 30 minutes.  If you have not done any fitness activities at all, you may find this challenging.

Recommended hiking Experience:  You don’t need any experience to try a beginner hike with us, but you should have at least some basic fitness.  Being overweight does not mean that you can’t enjoy beginner hike.

Moderate trek:  You should have completed a beginner trek before trying a moderate trek because there is a very big jump from beginner to moderate, that’s just how the hills around these parts are. This will be 4-5 hours, up steep hills and down exposed ledges, with bouldering and some climbing.

Recommended fitness regime:  Participating in cardio activities at a minimum of 4x per week, for 60 minutes.  If you have stamina to run 10k in under 1 hour 30 minutes, you can complete a moderate hike.

Recommended hiking Experience:  You should have completed at least one beginner hike with UAE Trekkers.

Challenging trek: You should have completed few moderate treks before trying a challenging trek. This will be 4-9 hours, up steep hills and down exposed ledges, with bouldering and some extensive climbing.

Recommended fitness regime:  Participating in cardio activities, running, biking or other endurance activity,  at a minimum of 5x per week, for 60 minutes.  You need stamina to be able to stay at 60 percent of your maximum heart rate for more than 8 hours.  Some challenge hikes will go as long as 13 hours.

Recommended hiking Experience:  You should have completed at least one moderate hike with UAE Trekkers, or join Jabal Shams which can support multiple levels.

UAE Trekkers includes the following assets on every trek:

Walkie talkies for communication between all leaders in the group

Minimum 2 leaders, one in front, one behind, to ensure group stays together.

Extensive First Aid kits provided to each guide

Wilderness Advanced First Aid certified Mountain Guides

Thuraya satellite phones for each leader, in order to communicate with each other or civilization in an emergency

Programs that depart and arrive on time

Everything included; camping gear, transportation, accommodation in various forms (hotels, guest houses, farm houses, traditional home-stays, or campsites)

Expediting border exit and entry procedures

Transportation is provided either by 4×4 off road accessible vehicles or by using a bus, depending on the location.


Our day treks will depart Abu Dhabi and Dubai early in the morning and return at night.  The Trekker bus will stop at defined locations where people that live in different areas can choose the most convenient location for their early start and meet the bus. They will meet the leaders upon arrival at the trailhead. Though all of these treks can be completed in one day, they are all at different levels.


The overnight hikes require an overnight stay in our mobile tented camps in order to complete the hike in a day. We also offer overnight options for the UAE based hikes. The Oman day hikes also require a tourist visa and an exit from UAE.


These training hikes are specifically for people who are training for international mountain treks and need to experience multi day, long hour hikes to prepare for their adventures abroad.  They are mainly for people that want the additional challenge of 2 back to back hikes and 2 overnights in the wilderness


The weekend excursions require a Thursday afternoon departure in order to allow a full weekend of activities, one activity per day, returning on Saturday evening.


We recently introduced the multi sport weekends where we combine hiking with one other activity, such as kayaking, mountain biking, rock  climbing, via ferrata, or canyoning. We frequently use the services of other operators to complete activities that we ourselves are not certified to do, such as rock climbing or canyoning which require technical training and expertise.


Those are our State of The Art trips tailored and customized with passion, for adventurous and enthusiastic trekkers who dare to push their limits and  embark into unforgettable journeys all over the 7 continents. Those  destinations include the High Altitude mountains and summits of the world and unique destinations rarely or never explored by tourists before.