UAE Trekkers Teams form early, require preparation and planning. 

Though we all love trekking in the UAE and Oman, it’s also part of our mission to climb bigger mountains, explore different types of trekking and difficulty levels.  We offer treks at all levels and difficulties, but all of our destinations involve a daily dose of physical exertion, often bordering exhaustion.

We offer treks to destinations to the rain forests of Rwanda to the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, the peaks of Nepal and the foothills of Georgia and Iceland.


Teams start to form up to 6 months in advance particularly for the summer mountaineering trips. The more challenging the mountain, the sooner the team will start to form.  Last minute registration (less than 30 days) will only be considered on a case by case basis, as the teams normally are well bonded by that time, and adding people changes the group dynamics.

Many trekkers are intimidated by the idea of joining a climb they would love to do because they are worried they wont’ know people, or wont’ like the people they climb with.  With UAE Trekkers, you will be well bonded with your team well in advance, you will know that every member of your team is equally prepared, and you won’t ever be alone.

Our upcoming destinations are:


November 25 – Dec 3:

Nepal: Annapurna Base Camp an Gosaikunda Mini Trek

Rwanda and Uganda:  Gorilla Tracking and Cultural Experience

Yemen, Socotra,  December 27- Jan 1, Feb 15-20 and March 25-March 31


1 Week in Nepal:  March 25: Annapurna Base Camp, Gosaikund

2 weeks in Nepal:  April 1-April 14: Everest Base Camp, Labouche Peak

3 Weeks in Nepal;  Island Peak

1o Days in Bhutan: March 25-April 3


Mt Denali, June 1 = 3 weeks.

July 12-20: Mt Elbrus, Russia,

July 23-30:  Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

September 6-11: Rwanda and  Uganda, Gorilla Tracking

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