Though we all love trekking in the UAE and Oman, it’s also part of our mission to climb bigger mountains, explore different types of trekking and difficulty levels.  We offer treks at all levels and difficulties, but all of our destinations involve a daily dose of physical exertion, often bordering exhaustion. [Read more]

NEPAL – Annapurna Base Camp  Trek (10 days)

Next trips: March 24-March 31

Nepal still needs us to come and Be Trekkers. Take in the wilderness, culture, and beauty of the country, and pay them to port us, feed us, guide us, and house us. That’s it. That’s the best way for us to help them…[Read more]


Uganda and Rwanda – Save the Gorillas

Next trips:  March 24-March 29 (5 days, 4 nights)

Experience two East African countries in 5 days. This is a once in a lifetime trip. Tracking the gorillas is a 6-7 hour trek through thick jungle, possibly in the rain. We will also track the golden monkeys in…[Read more]


Island of Socotra

Next trips:

Feb 15-19

April 20-15 (Israa al Miraj Holiday)

The scenery here is literally, like no place on earth. The small Arabian island of Socotra is tinged with romance and spirit of exploration. Perhaps it’s the exotic trees or flocks of yellow faced vultures, or the beaches, undisturbed by greasy sunbathers…[Read more]


Trekking the Hills of Bhutan:

Get all of the highlights of Bhutan along with a challenging, hilly trek without the fear of altitude, and a fully catered, portered, guided camping and outdoor experience…[Read more]


Kilimanjaro: Rongai 7 Day Route:

Next Trips:  March 3-13

June 23-20 (Eid al Fitr Holidays)

Our philosophy is that this mountain is usually the first step that people make into the mountains and the sport.  People that are successful on Kilimanjaro return to climb bigger mountains…[Read More]