Snake Canyon: Abseil the Right Fork, Hike the Little Gorge

An adventurous weekend starts with flying to Muscat so that we can make an early start on Friday morning. You’ll be dangled down a 30 m rock face, jump into pools of clear, cold water and twist.


Bedouin Camel Trek and Wadi Bani Khaled : Next offering:  March 2/3

Experience what it was like to walk across the desert by camel to reach your  camp.  We will cross the Waheeba Sands by camels to reach  an authentic Bedouin Tented Camp.  Saturday morning we will be picked up by land cruisers and head to Wadi Bani Khaled.


Multisport Weekend: Trek, Snorkel/Dive, Bike, Climb in Wadi Bih

Wadi Bih, also known as Wadi Khabb al Shamsi, is on the east coast close in the mountains of Mussadam. You will hike up the dirt road early in the morning just before sunrise.


Jabal Shams Adventure Weekend “Hikers Rite of Passage”

Jabal Shams, the Grand Canyon of Oman, has a trek with trails marked by the Oman Ministry of Tourism. However, even with some paint on rocks to help you, this hike is a challenge.


Wadi Tiwi and Wadi Shabb

A unique hike through banana plantations, local villages, with the goal of reaching a secret waterfall at the end of Wadi Tiwi in a small village called Mibam. The second day is an easy hike with lots of bouldering.

Turtles and Best Wadis of Oman: Bani Khaled, Tiwi, Shabb, (3 days)

This trip will be limited to 30 adults, but it is extremely family friendly. You will visit 4 of the best Wadis and swimming spots in Oman, castles and forts, and the famous Turtle Beach to see mama turtles lay their eggs.


Sunrise Hike on Jabal Qatar – (5 hours Day Hike-Mid Level) : 

This is our favorite Day Hike because of its proximity to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, just over the border in Al Ain, 2 short hours away.

This is a beautiful hike.  This will not be an easy hike if you are not fit and do not participate in fitness activities at least 3 times per week.


New Years Holidays: Best of Oman Excursion : 

Get a 3 day break from visitors just after Christmas and back in time for New Years.

We will have a special rate for family.

Fly to Muscat


 Wadi Hopping “Dip” Oman

The best mini Oman Wadi Trip. Experience just a few of the amazing wadis in Oman just over the border in Ibri, without the hassle of  camping. Head over on Friday afternoon to enjoy the pool and the first wadi, Wadi Sharm.


EXPLORE KUMZAR! Mussandam Dhow/Hiking Weekend : 

NEXT TRIP:  Weekend of December 8 and 9:

The only way to reach this remote village is by boat, so we will make a weekend out of it by exploring the  fjords of Mussandam (on the Khasab side) and snorkeling, hiking and camping at 2 different remote locations.


 Via Feratta: Full 4 hour Abseiling :

We have done the HALF ferrata, which is for beginners. Anyone can manage this shorter one, BUT for the full one you will have to get over your fear of heights to do the full abseiling drops of 35 m.