Wadi Shah 5-6 hours: Medium Difficulty

You will be picked up early in the morning for a 2 -hour drive to Ras al Khaimah, the heart of where all of the mountain adventures in UAE happen. Along the way you notice the scenery changing dramatically from city to dunes to mountains.  You will experience these dramatic landscapes as you climb around the base of the highest mountain in the UAE, Jabal Jais.


Wadi Showka Loop – Beginner

Wadi Showka is perfect for your first experience into the hiking terrain of the UAE. This is an easy day hike within short distance of Dubai.   The trail itself will take you through a few short dips into a narrow wadi. 


Wadi Showka – Beginner

No steep ascents, but there is a lot of small scree and loose rocks, exposed descent on a ledge. But most of the walk will be through the level – wadi with a bit of bouldering and climbing through the water and slippery.


Jabal Jais – Challenge

Steep slopes, loose scree, difficult ascent and slippery descent over 8 hours. You will reach the summit of the highest mountain in the UAE.  This is a  challenge that will prepare you for Jabal Shams.


Wadi Bih Supported Moonlight Hike – Beginner

This is a true introduction into trekking, with a gradual ascent on a gravel road, ending with a steep 1.5 km winding road that will test your stamina and leg strength.  We start this hike in the moonlight around 2 am.


Family Friendly: Ecoventure:

This will allow families with kids as young as 5 years old to enjoy their day out! You will all meet at ECOVENTURE in Ras al Khaimah and spend the night in the very comfortable, air conditioned dormitories.