Jebel Shams + Abseil (Nov 23-25)


Hike the rocky steep terrain of Jebel Shams today!


The mountain in Oman’s Al Hamra region is the highest in in the GCC at 3009 meters. The terrain is rocky, steep, and even more challenging on the way down. The views and the sense of accomplishment are unparalleled and if you are a hiker, truly unique.

Jabel shams hike starts at 1800 MASL and the summit is at 2997 MASL. Jabel Shams is a rocky and steppy hike throughout with some ridges to cross at the beginning and last part of the hike. There is no scrambling required however just before the summit, you may have to hold on to rocks for support a couple of times. Given the altitude and season, it is not likely to be hot but sun can be harsh and depending on the wind speed, it can also be chilly closer to the summit. We are going to use a path where we climb and descend using the same route and there will be an option to rest at some shaded and secured places (Waterfall and Campsite)


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June 7, 2017

Fulfilling experience, fun group !

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