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Mount Elbrus, Russia


Climb, swing, and lift your way to the top of Mount Elbrus!


You don’t need any prior experience or mountain summits to be able to conquer the highest mountain in the European mountain range- just good fitness and a spirit of adventure!  You just need to come to training with UAE Trekkers.

Mt Elbrus is a strange and wonderful mountain, uniquely different to Kilimanjaro or any other mountain for that matter. You will make your way up to the summit by acclimatization hikes on different parts of the mountain, rather than going straight up it. Then, using a series of Mary Poppins style single chair – chairlifts, cable cars and snow cats, will make your way up to 3850m, where you will stay in the odd looking little ‘huts’ you’ve ever seen that are called ‘barrel huts’, complete with the Russian Flag. They may be weird, but they are warm! (way warmer than tents!)

Weather can be a serious issue here, so we must include 2 extra days just in case there is bad weather prohibiting our summit bid. We will not climb in storms or the threat of them. If we do get lucky, we will use the extra days for an easy hike to a waterfall, and a town excursion.


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