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Mount Kazbegi, Georgia


Comfortably hike up the volcano of Mount Kazbegi!


Mount Kazbeği Volcano – At 5068 meters, the highest peak in Georgia.

7 days Total: 5 days Trekking, Beginner Mountaineer level – you should have at least 1 week long mountain experience. This is a semi -technical climb that is mostly trekking but the summit has snow, so you will need to have a few skills, which you will learn on the mountain.  You will only spend 4 of these days climbing.

It’s a comfortable trek as well, staying in huts (not tents) throughout the trek, even on Summit night.  This is a great first altitude experience, basically, taking the place of Mt Ararat in Turkey, which was a standard feature in our summer program.

You will train with the other team members. Successful summit of Jabal Shams is a must! Attendance of Ski Dubai sessions (free) and a mandatory briefing also required as part of your trip.


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