Rwanda, Uganda Gorilla Tracking (Nov 29-3)

Track the gorillas in the Bwindi Impenetrable forest of Uganda

Mount Kenya: Combo Burgerot and Siriman Route

Prepare properly, train with your team on treks in UAE to be able to climb the second highest mountain in Africa

Poon Hill, Nepal (November20-27)

Hike the chilly Poon Hill today!

Mount Kazbegi, Georgia

Comfortably hike up the volcano of Mount Kazbegi!

Mount Elbrus, Russia

Climb, swing, and lift your way to the top of Mount Elbrus!

Ethiopia Northern Circuit

Enjoy the beautiful scenery and culture that Ethiopia has to offer!

Mt. Kilimanjaro, Rongai Route (Dec 29- Jan 4)

Get your feet wet in mountain climbing in this fantastic beginner hike with incomparable support!

Trekking the Hills of Bhutan (Nov 11-17)

Hike the remote seductive hills of Bhutan!

Socotra, Yemen

Explore endless wildlife on a fun and safe trek to Yemen!