Hoota n Hamra; Beginner Caving, Sunrise, Downhill Hike

No previous experience or fitness is required to participate in this adventure

Al Hamra: Caving and Sunrise Hike

This 4-6 hours per day hike is perfect for beginner hikers who are interested in learning about what hiking in this

Wadi Tiwi; Mibam Waterfall 100m Abseil and Wadi Shabb

This will be an incredible adventure only for the bold and fit!

Canyoning Snake Gorge (Nov 9-11)

Find the thrill of a lifetime as you slide, swim, and climb through Snake Gorge!
Last minute!

Wadis of Tiwi and Shabb (Nov 2-4)

Enjoy the variation of swimming, hiking on Friday and trekking into banana plantations on Saturday as you experience the natural environment

Bedouin Camel Trek (Oct 19-21)

Ride atop a camel! Need I say more?

Jebel Shams + Abseil (Nov 23-25)

Hike the rocky steep terrain of Jebel Shams today!
Last minute!

Kayak & Trek to Kumzar (Nov 2-4)

Weekend full of kayaking, hiking, snorkeling and yoga while in the dramatic fjords of Mussandam.

Buraimi: Jabal Qatar, Wadi Madbah (Dec 7-9)

Take the family on this lovely trek to a resort full of swimming and hiking