Into the Dunes (Dec 12 2017)

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Ancient Donkey Path Trails

Finding the start of the Donkey Trails is the tricky part, and once we're on them, you can meander for miles!

Wadi Showka, Ancient Donkey Path and Copper Mine Treks

This beginner day-hike does not include steep ascents but lots of small scree and loose rocks with a bit of bouldering

Liwa Dunes Walk (15/30km)

The Liwa Dune Walk will give you the chance to experience the desert walking as the Bedouin, Lawrence of Arabia and

Leopard Canyon Morning; Half Day Trek

This morning 3 hour hike through a rocky and slightly hilly area is relatively easy and very accessible to beginner trekkers. While

Jabal Qiwi (Oct 27)

This is a spectacular hike to the highest point in UAE with your trekking being rewarded with a view of the

Full Day Treks in RAK

A good fitness routine will ensure that this is an enjoyable trek.

Wadi Shah Ridge Loop (Fri, Nov 10)

This 5 hours hike with moderate difficulty goes up steep hills and down exposed ledges, with bouldering and some climbing. You