Rwanda, Uganda Gorilla Tracking (Nov 29-3)

Track the gorillas in the Bwindi Impenetrable forest of Uganda

Wadi Shah Loop (Oct 20)

This 5 hours hike with moderate difficulty goes up steep hills and down exposed ledges, with bouldering and some climbing. You

Canyoning Snake Gorge (Nov 9-11)

Find the thrill of a lifetime as you slide, swim, and climb through Snake Gorge!

Poon Hill, Nepal (Sept 20-27)

Hike the chilly Poon Hill today!

Mount Kazbegi, Georgia

Comfortably hike up the volcano of Mount Kazbegi!

Mount Elbrus, Russia

Climb, swing, and lift your way to the top of Mount Elbrus!

Bedouin Camel Trek (Oct 19-21)

Ride atop a camel! Need I say more?

Jebel Shams + Abseil (Nov 23-25)

Hike the rocky steep terrain of Jebel Shams today!

Ethiopia Northern Circuit

Enjoy the beautiful scenery and culture that Ethiopia has to offer!

Buraimi: Jabal Qatar, Wadi Madbah (Dec 7-9)

Take the family on this lovely trek to a resort full of swimming and hiking