The rich history of Ethiopia is spread out over a large area in the north of the country, making it best accessible by flying to each site.  The ancient churches and culture of Ethiopia are treasure trove of cultural sights with a backdrop of spectacular mountain scenery. This holiday takes in the full spectrum of cultural highlights at Lake Tana, Gondar, Lailbela, Axum & the Tigray Region and caters for trekkers and non trekkers alike.

The Trip Highlights include:

-Royal Compounds and Debre Birha

-Selassie church in Gondar

-Hiking in the Simien Mountains; viewing Gelada Baboons-Histoical ruins of Axumite Empire, Queen of Sheba’s palace, Ark of the Covenent

-Rock-hewn churces of Lalibela

-National Museuym, Merkato in Addis Ababa


Moderate: Up steep hills and down exposed ledges, with bouldering and some climbing.

Duration: 9 days

Length: approximately 25 km

Elevation: 3600 m

Day 1: Dubai to Addis Ababa

Arrive to Addis Ababa Airport where you will be met by Four Winds Staff representative who will take you on a half-day tour before driving you to the hotel for overnight stay.

Day 2: Addis Ababa – Axum

Morning flight to Axum to visit the famous obelisks, Queen of Sheba’s bath, King Bazen’s tomb, and the Queen of Sheba’s Palace. You will also visit the St Mary of Zion church where the Ark of the Covenant is kept, according to Ethiopian tradition.

Day 3: Axum – Lalibela

Mid-morning flight to Lalibella, where we will visit the 11 rock-hewn churches of King Lalibela.

Day 4: Lalibela

Morning hike or take a mull ride up the mountains overlooking the town of Lailbela to the Asheton Maryam monastery (13th centruy AD). Afternoon exploration of the city and lifestyle.

Day 5: Lalibela – Gondor

Take a mid-morning flight to Gondor, the former capital of Ethiopia. Half-day tour of Gondor.

Day 6: Gondor

We visit the castles compound and the churches of Debrebirhah Selassie, which were built in the 17th and 18th centrury. Nearby is Debre Birhan Selassie church with its sensational ceiling and the bathhouse of Fasilides.

Day 7: Gondor – Simien Mountains

Early morning departure to the park headquarters, a 100km journey that will take around three hours. After checking into our lodge, we will hike along the northern edge where you will encounter Gelada baboons. Walking time: approx 4 hours

Day 8: Simien Mountains

Today we head towards Geech abyss and the stunning Jin Bahir Falls. Futher upstream, we cross the  Jin Bahir River before walking the cultivated terraces towards Geech Village. Walking time: approx 6-7 hours

Day 9: Simien Mountains – UAE

An early morning departure from the Simien Mountains to catch a return flight from Gondar to Addis Ababa with a connection to Dubai.

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