Kayak & Trek to Kumzar (Nov 2-4)

Weekend full of kayaking, hiking, snorkeling and yoga while in the dramatic fjords of Mussandam.


Kayak your way up the coast of the Musandam Peninsula for the afternoon to reach the remote village of Kumzar, a village cut off and isolated by its remote and rugged terrain.  The dhow will take 3 hours to reach your destination. We will kayak our way up the coast with the goal of 4 -6 hours of kaying to reach the last island, while exploring the fjords of Musandam (on the Khasab side). We will relax after our long day of activity with a sunset Yoga session.

Thursday night’s accommodation will be at the Bin Majed Resort in Ras Al Khaimah. Friday night we will enjoy the night sky without the hassle of camping gear – or the worry of creatures and sleep on the dhow.  All meals are provided.  This trip is family friendly and suitable for all fitness levels and activity preferences.  The activities are flexible enough to suit all fitness levels and all ages.



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