The mountain in Oman’s Al Hamra region is the highest in in the GCC at 3009 meters.  The terrain is rocky, steep, and even more challenging on the way down. The views and the sense of accomplishment are unparalleled and if you are a hiker, truly unique.

Jabel Shams (mountain of sun) is located in northeastern Oman north of Al Hamra town. At the height of 2997 MASL, it is the highest mountain of Oman and ranked 110 in global list of most prominent mountains of the world.

About the hike – What to expect

Jabel shams is a long hike and it is important that you are reasonably fit for this hike and ideally you should have hiked before in the region (Jabel Qatar, Wadi Shah etc). If you are unsure about for fitness level required for this hike, please feel free to call Amy or Dirk and have a frank discussion about you fitness level and see if you should go ahead.

Jabel shams hike starts at 1800 MASL and the summit is at 2997 MASL. Jabel Shams is a rocky and steppy hike throughout with some ridges to cross at the beginning and last part of the hike. There is no scrambling required however just before the summit, you may have to hold on to rocks for support a couple of times. Given the altitude and season, it is not likely to be hot but sun can be harsh and depending on the wind speed, it can also be chilly closer to the summit.

We are going to use a path where we climb and descend using the same route and there will be an option to rest at some shaded and secured places (Waterfall and Campsite)

The program

You should leave the work by noon and plan to leave the city by (Dubai/ Abu Dhabi) around 2 PM. This is to ensure that you can escape the weekend rush at the Oman border and reach the resort by 8 PM, have dinner and sleep early. Friday is going to be a long day and we will start at 4.30AM. Any less sleep and your body wouldn’t be able to perform.

Your weekend will look something like this:

Leave office by noon, Thursday
Leave town (Dubai/Abu Dhabi) by 2PM
Complete Oman Border process  by 5.30 PM
Reach Hotel – 8PM
Buffet Dinner and briefing – 10PM
Wake up  – 3 AM, Friday
Breakfast, Lunch Pack and leave hotel  – 4AM
Start the hike – 5 AM
Guidance time to reach Waterfall – 9.30 AM
Guidance time to reach Campsite – 10.30 AM
Cut off times for Summit – 12.30 PM (All team returns back irrespective of where they are)
Target time to finish the hike – 5.30PM (Sunset)
Reach back Hotel – 6.30 PM
Shower, relax and Buffet Dinner – 7-10PM
Buffet Breakfast – Saturday Morning
Leave Hotel – Latest by 2PM

Cost Includes:

Two nights stay at Jabel Shams Resort on double occupancy basis
Buffet dinner on Thursday and Friday night
Buffet breakfast on Friday and Saturday morning
Packed lunch and snacks for the Hike on Friday
Experienced guides and Trek leaders with Wilderness First aid training and lot of mountaineering and hiking experience on Jabel Shams, locally and internationally. We will be equipped with first aid box, radio (for communication between groups) and Satellite phone for any emergency

Does not include

Visa fee at Border (Approx. 30 AED at UAE and 5 OMR at Oman Border)
Transport to the Hotel
In case of injuries etc, we will help you to come back from the mountain but in case if we have to take external help, any cost incurred will be passed on to the individuals on actual basis.


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The mountain is in Nizwa which is a 6-7 hour journey, including the border festivities. It is really, really important that you are able to leave town early on Thursday.

Summit team will  have to wake up at 4 am on Friday.

We can arrange a bus with extra charge if there are 10 people that require transport. Please indicate in your RSVP questions if you need.

• UAE  Trekkers  that have hiked the mountain many times and know the problems that happen on this mountain as well as how to best prevent and solve them.

UAE Trekkers will help you with organizing rides, getting you directions to the making sure you have a reserved spot in a room and making sure you are off the mountain safely.

However, though we do an enormous amount of work to prepare and run this hike, your responsibilities as a trekker are still significant and you should take them seriously.


1. Participate in stairs training and other training hikes prior to this hike. Strongly recommended is Jabal Qatar, which is exactly half of this hike. Train those thighs. If you can’t make it to stairs, get some other cardio workouts in, with practice carrying your backpacks. Alternatively, Jabal Qatar will also be a good way to know what to expect.  This trek is offered on May 25!

2. BUY SOME REAL HIKING SHOES.  Don’t mess around with this one.  You will regret it, because you will not be allowed to hike with us if you show up with anything less than some real hiking boots.  If you are not sure what ‘real hiking boots’ means, have a look. See that ankle support?  That’s important.  Trail running shoes don’t have that!  Don’t underestimate the dangers of having crappy shoes. You will stagger down the mountain in pain if you take shortcuts on your shoes.   You can be these shoes at Sun and Sand, Columbia, North Face, and Adventure HQ.

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