You don’t need any prior experience or mountain summits to be able to conquer the highest mountain in the European mountain range- just good fitness and a spirit of adventure!  You just need to come to training with UAE Trekkers.

Mt Elbrus is a strange and wonderful mountain, uniquely different to Kilimanjaro or any other mountain for that matter. You will make your way up to the summit by acclimatization hikes on different parts of the mountain, rather than going straight up it. Then, using a series of Mary Poppins style single chair – chairlifts, cable cars and snow cats, will make your way up to 3850m, where you will stay in the odd looking little ‘huts’ you’ve ever seen that are called ‘barrel huts’, complete with the Russian Flag. They may be weird, but they are warm! (way warmer than tents!)

Weather can be a serious issue here, so we must include 2 extra days just in case there is bad weather prohibiting our summit bid. We will not climb in storms or the threat of them. If we do get lucky, we will use the extra days for an easy hike to a waterfall, and a town excursion.


Challenging: Up steep hills and down exposed ledges, with bouldering and some extensive climbing.

Duration: 8 days

Elevation: 5642 m

Day 1:  Arrival at 6:00 am

Drive to Baksan Valley, arrive by 10 am.  Acclimatization walk to 2000 m using the chairlifts. Goal is an easy walk, 2 hours just hike high and sleep low.  Return to hotel.

Day 2: Saturday, Waterfall Hike – 3300 M

We are gaining altitude much slower than other groups. We will sleep at least one more night (maybe 2) here before we transfer up to the barrel huts at 3650m. The waterfall hike is a long one, around 5-6 hours but its on a road, slow ascent, and a beautiful destination where we can fill up our water bottles for the trip! Return to the hotel for the evening. Depending on the weather forecast, we may have to repack our things to get ready to ascend to barrels tomorrow.  The forecast that we are looking for is not the next day, but three days later for our summit window.

Day 3: Sunday, Hike to Cheget Peak (3725m) OR move to Barrels

Wake up:  630 am. Departure from hotel:  730 am . After an early breakfast, we will hike using the chairlifts to start and reach Cheget Peak.  Return to hotel.

Day 4: Monday, Transfer to Barrel Huts. Acclimatization to 4850m

Wake up:  630 am. Departure from hotel:  730 am. After an early breakfast, we will carry our things up to the barrels and get tucked in for the rest of the week. We will do an acclimatization hike in the afternoon, weather permitting, to reach 4850m.  

Day 5: Tuesday, Snow, Ice  – Self arrest Training Day/ Acclimatization

Wake up:  730 am. Departure from hotel:  8:30 am. Relaxing day to only accomplish our training and rest.

Day 6 : Wednesday, Early Morning Summit Bid

Wake up:  330 am. Departure from hotel:  430 am. Today is the day. We will wake up in the middle of the night, get our gear on and head up on the Snow Cat by 430 to reach 4850m. We will continue our ascent in a tight group, staying together at all times.  We will attempt to summit as a team. We will reach the barrel huts by 2 pm, quickly pack our things to catch the last cable car at 4 pm, and head to the hotel.

Day 7:  Thursday: Weather buffer day OR Day in Town.

Relaxing day or short hike in the valley. Celebration Party.

Day 8: Fly back at night

We will have the day free to head on around a 4 hour hike to the Waterfall before returning in early afternoon and packing up to head to the airport. We will need to leave 3 hours for driving and reaching the airport by 6 pm, so we will leave around 2 pm.

One important thing to keep in mind is that this itinerary is completely dictated by the current weather conditions and can change without notice. We are fully aware of the weather conditions and will ensure that we arrange our schedule in order to allow us the best chances of summiting.

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