Mount Kenya: Combo Burgerot and Siriman Route


Prepare properly, train with your team on treks in UAE to be able to climb the second highest mountain in Africa on this exciting trek!


Mount Kenya is the second highest peak in Africa (5,199 m), in the shadow of its taller neighbour Mt. Kilimanjaro, Apart from the superb trekking on Mount Kenya, you will experience its tarns and alpine meadows, exotic, equatorial, high-altitude vegetation, sunbirds, hyrax and soaring eagles which make the walk around the peaks one of the most beautiful expeditions in the East African mountains. You will stay in huts and have porters similar to those on Mt. Kilimanjaro but the route is more varied, less crowded, and not quite as high. We have scouted this trek and prefer to do a combination of 2 routes; the Burgurot and the Sirimon route. We go up one route and down another.  The best way to see the amazing scenery on the whole mountain as well as great acclimatization. 


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