No matter what the season, you can count on lots of water, swimming, and some very unique hiking through banana plantations and villages, unlike any other place in Oman. We will also visit Bimmi Sinkhole which is a beautiful place for swimming and jumping off of rocks into the deep blue turquise pool. This is a refreshing and not only a unique hiking experience, but a cultural one where we get the opportunity to meet and mingle with the locals.

Accommodation is in a traditional Omani farmhouse. You will sleep on provided air mattresses in sleeping bags in air conditioned rooms. The farmhouse has running water (toilets and hot showers) but it is sleeping on the floor, with other people, in a variety of locations throughout the property, so you will need a sleeping bag and mat. If you want more privacy, you can sleep in your own room, or on the roof, or in a tent somewhere on the property.



This is the perfect family weekend adventure. There is only a short hike to Wadi Tiwi, which is attainable for children as young as 5 years old. If children cannot swim, we will provides lifejackets at an extra cost.

Day 1: Thursday Afternoon, Get out of town! Arrival into Muscat: 7:30 PM.

Pick up assigned transportation and head to dinner in the city, depending on arrival timing.  Drive to Wadi Tiwi.

Day 2: Friday Morning: Trek and Swim through Wadi Shabb and Bimmah Sinkhole

We will have an early start to beat the heat, and the crowds! 8 am departure, reaching around 10 am. We will hike about 1 hour to reach the caves and swim through the keyhole and spend some time jumping and enjoying the wadi. We should be back at the cars by 1 pm. Everyone should plan to have some sort of flotation device, either a pool noodle or a lifejacket.  There is water here year round, though the levels vary. We will head back for lunch at our villa before heading to the beach in the afternoon for more swimming at the Bimmah Sinkhole, or the beach.

Day 3: Saturday: Mibam Village Hike, Pools and Waterfall

Optional 4 -hour hike if you are fit.  Divide into groups depending on how long people would like to hike to reach the waterfall.  The maximum hike would be 4 hours, the minimum, 30 minutes.  We will spend the morning here and then back to the house to pack up and head to the Muscat for a souk visit and then to the airport.

Wadi Tiwi 1
Wadi Tiwi 2
Wadi Tiwi 3
Wadi Tiwi 4
Wadi Tiwi 5
Wadi Tiwi 6
Wadi Tiwi 7
Wadi Tiwi 8
Wadi Tiwi 9

Tour Reviews

5 based on 4 reviews
June 4, 2017

Great trip with beautiful scenery everywhere . Well organized from start to end . Would not be able to visit all the places we visited in such a short trip . A true eye opener to the beauty of Oman . Thank you UAE trekkers.

June 7, 2017

A very good trip over all.

June 7, 2017

Great weekend ! So many different places and experiences..

June 8, 2017

I have done this trip twice now and would definitely go back again. These are amazing Wadi’s that need to be seen and experienced. The water is so clear and refreshingly cool. The accommodation is basic but comfortable and adds to the adventure. Definitely would recommend that you do this trip.

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