You’ll be climbing, sliding and dangling down huge rock faces into pools of refreshingly cold water! Swimming through, up and under waterfalls and sliding your way down the canyon! Due to the changing nature of the canyon, harnesses, helmets, wetsuits, and ropes (being lowered as opposed to jumping) are now a part of the adventure.

Snake Canyon is not a hike. You will be wet the entire 5 hours. You will be surrounded by 100 meter rock faces that shade the sun, making the water even colder.



You must be able to swim. This is a long day adventure which can leave you quite exhausted at the end of the day. Suitable for children 13+.

We will have two groups and two hikes. If you hike on Friday, you abseil on Saturday.

Day 1: Drive to Rustaq on Thursday evening, reach by 11 pm.

Day 2: Wake up 6 am.  Friday drive to start 8 am. Canyon hiking/abseiling until 2 pm followed by lunch at Guest House, Rustaq Fort Tour and Dinner.

Day 3: Wake up 6 am. Saturday drive to start 8 am. Canyon hiking/abseiling until 2 pm followed by lunch. Departure at 2 pm to reach the city in UAE by 9  pm.

Included on  this hike:

  • Transport – carpooling from Abu Dhabi or Dubai
  • A/C Double room in guest house
  • All meals
  • Wetsuits, Helmets and Lifejackets
  • 2 breakfasts + 2 lunches and bbq on Friday night
  • 3 certified technical guides, 2 trek leaders.  You will have loads of support
Snake Canyon 1
Snake Canyon 2
Snake Canyon 3
Snake Canyon 4
Snake Canyon 5

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June 7, 2017

Loved being able to do both routes.

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