One weekend: One destination; One goal: To Experience the Wonder of the Snake Canyon!

Snake Canyon is not a hike.  You will be wet the entire 5 hours. You will be climbing, sliding and being lowered down huge rocks into pools that could be deep or shallow.  You will be surrounded by 100 meter rock faces that shade the sun, making the water even COLDER. You will swim through, up and under waterfalls, through caves, and in clear pools of crystal aqua water, as well as some gross brown nastiness at times.

Its amazing, quite simply. We will have two groups and two hikes. If you hike on Friday, you abseil on Saturday.

We will join Holiday in Oman for the abseil and UAE Trekkers will take you in the Little Gorge. The following day we will reverse.  We need to be in Rustaq on Thursday night.

Due to the changing nature of the canyon, harnesses, helmets, wetsuits, and ropes (being lowered as opposed to jumping) are now a part of the adventure.  The water in the upper section of the gorge is not there and is not likely to change in the near future.  Therefore we cannot take more than 12.  The lower section, however, is still full of water!


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• No camping. A/C Double room in guest house

• All meals (two grills, plates, etc. Plus all utensils required for bbq, including wood, water, and juices and yogurts. You don’t need to bring anything.

• Wetsuits

• Helmets and Lifejackets

• 2 breakfasts + 2 lunches and bbq on Friday night.  (Friday morning we will give you fruit and food for the car – we wont’ have time for a full breakfast)

-Some old sneakers will do, you do NOT need hiking shoes, but you do need shoes that have some grip. Old hiking shoes that you don’t mind getting wet would also be fine.  Swimsuit will be great on Friday, when we don’t use our wetsuits.  You’ll need a change of clothes and something WARM to sleep in, the temps drop at night.

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