This incredible island is 500km off the coast of Yemen. Its in the middle of the Arabian sea.

We will fly from Salalah on February 15 th at 8:00 am. You will need to arrange your own flights after Jan 16 to Salalah and meet us there.

We will see all of the highlights of the island, including the dragon blood trees, the bottle trees and some of the other 800 endemic species on the island. Only the Galapagos and Hawaii have more species unique to them in the world.

Our trip will include some easy places to reach, with a few hiills and walking. We will head into a mile long cave and reach a lake at the end of it. We will also spend a day at the beach, fishing, snorkeling, boating, dolphin spotting. But this is no ordinary beach!  The mountain pools, canyons, caves and forests are nothign you have ever seen before.


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Tuesday:  Group leaves from Dubai Feb 14th at 730 pm.

Sleep in Salalah.

Day 2: Wednesday: Early morning charter, private flight to Socotra

Day 6: Sunday, we will leave Socotra early afternoon to catch our flight back to Dubai.

Please read the full description in the PDF.


Premier Package:  7500  dh (2050 USD)

One we reach the island, you will enjoy a much higher standard of service while on the island, though it IS still camping.  We will bring supplies with us from UAE to raise the standard of camping to a more comfortable level. We will include more facilities for washing and portable toilets at our camping sites. We will have access to cars at all times and we will stay in a hotel when possible.  The food will be local but will included. You will have all of the services listed in the premier package, including communcation by SAT phone and the SPOT tracker system.

• 3 meals per day, 2 early morning/afternoon snacks

• All drinks, water, juices, fruit available throughout the day.

• Sleeping bags and 2-3 person (high altitude standard) tents that we use for our mountain expeditions.

Tour leaders are all trained in WILDERNESS FIRST AID AND FIRST RESPONDERS The highest outdoor activity standards you can ask for.

UAE TREKKER TOUR LEADERS:  Carry at all times:
-3 Satellite phones, (to communicate with each other and the outside world- there is no local service on island)
-Walkie talkies (to communicate between each other instantly)
-SPOT TRACKER LOCATOR SYSTEM (To report to loved ones every day so they can    see exactly where we are at all times, and in case of emergency.

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