We will take the horse trails through the hills, valleys, rivers and farms of the Svaneti region, which is the foothills of the Caucasus mountains in Georgia. You will stay in guest houses throughout your journey and have your bags portered by horses. You will spend a day in Tblisi at the end of your journey.
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Beginner: Mostly flat ground, over some rocks and few hills.

Duration: 5 days

Length: 23 to 25 km

Elevation: 1900 m

Day 1: Arrival in Tbilissi, transfer to Mestia 

Day 2 Mestia – Chaladi glacier  -Mestia

Either to drive some part of road by car and the hike, or to do it on foot (16 km). Start point 1400 m. Finish at 19:00 pm, 6-7 hours.

Day 3: Trip to Kutaissi. Visiting the Bagrati cathedral (UNESCO) and than the Prometheus cave. Return to Mestia.

Day 4: Hiking from Mestia to the direction of village Mulakhi.

Start in Mestia 1400m, highest point 1900 m, 4-5 hour walk (6-7km) to village Lakhiri, then descending to the jeep road.Get picked up and drive back to Mestia, and the same day u can visit the Ethngoraghic and/or the Margiani museum.

Day 5: Trip to village Ushguli (UNESCO) , walk in the villige, 2-3 hours hike

Day 6: Drive to Tblisi to spend the day and transfer to the airport.

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