We’ll drive up the highest mountain road in UAE, Jabal Jais, to reach the start of the hike. The beginning of the trail is bouldering, which means using your whole body to climb over and up huge rocks. It feels sort of like you’re wandering in what used to be the rapids of a raging river.  After about an hour of bouldering, you’ll start ah hour long steep ascent up the donkey trail to reach an old farmhouse and village complete with rice terraces deep in the mountains of RAK.  We reach our lunch spot after about 2.5 hours, and rest for about 30 minutes. Then we carry on over the ridge and walk down a dramatic cliffside, back down into the ancient riverbed where its bouldering and clamoring over huge rocks once again.  The descent is exposed on a narrow ledge, so you’ll need to be comfortable at heights and have good fitness.Transport on a bus will be included in the cost of your hike. The location is about 3 hours north of Abu Dhabi, 1.5 hours from Dubai, no border crossings, so easy access for a Day Hike.


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Friday AM:

6:00 am bus pick up from Abu Dhabi.

7:30 am Pick up from Dubai.

10:00 am: Trailhead start.

3:00 pm:   Trek End. Bus starts the reverse route, returning to Abu Dhabi by 6 pm.

Each trekker must be able to carry 7 L of water and have appropriate SUPPORTIVE hiking shoes. This is a long hike of 5 -6 hours and as such requires a good degree of fitness. There are many scrambly climbs and steep scree slopes. 

RUNNING SHOES AND VARIOUS SPORT SHOES ARE NOT ALLOWED. Even if you hike with them all over the world, you will not hike with on on Wadi Shah unless your shoes have ankle support.  The hike has a 1.5 hour incline, and a 3 hour descent, often times over scree and loose rocks. Running shoes are NOT DESIGNED for this type of terrain.


The cost for the day, includes a bus ride from either city in UAE, a full lunch, as well as 3 qualified and experienced guides with group first aid kits, walkie talkies and satellite phones.  We will be using the Spot Tracker on our hike so you can share your trail with your friends in real time!

We will pass through old farms, terraces with staggering views of the Hajjar Mountains.

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