Full Day Treks in RAK


A good fitness routine will ensure that this is an enjoyable trek.


We offer many different treks in the Ras al Khaimah Region.

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Wadi Shah: (Terraces and Full Loop) 

This is in the RAK area and will be a minimum 6 hours trek.  The hike starts from a tarmac road, easy to reach 3 hours from Abu Dhabi. We will start at 9 am and head through the wadi gradually up as the boulders get bigger and require your hands to get over them.  Then, we start up an actual staircase to reach the farm terraces where we will stop for lunch and admire the dramatic Mars like landscape around us.  The half loop will descend the same way, and the full loop will carry on another 700 m ascent before starting the descent over a cliff, on a ledge and down back through an adjacent wadi to reach the cars.  Your level and Trek Leader will determine if you are ready for the full loop. This hike is recommended for your first hike in the region only if you have a high level of fitness and active regime.


This hike is not difficult but every hike requires that you are participating in a fitness regime.  We will make sure to keep the loop at 4 maximum of 5  hours. Its a very spectacular mountain and the hike will be suitable for beginners though the better your fitness the more you will enjoy.

No matter how easy the route, hiking shoes and a proper backpack are always recommended.  Running shoes are designed for a tarmac road, NOT for a rocky trail! 

Plase enquire if you would like a pair of Wildcraft Trekking shoes in your size, and we will bring them with us for you to purchase at the start of the hike.




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