Wadi Showka is perfect for your first experience into the hiking terrain of the UAE. This is an easy day hike within short distance of Dubai.   The trail itself will take you through a few short dips into a narrow wadi, that usually has some water in it. You can dip in, or hike around it.  After some climbing on the sides of the wadi, you’ll walk on flat terrain through the canyons, eventually climbing up a steep and narrow ridge just long enough to get a magnificent view of the Hajjar Mountains and feel that you are miles from anywhere.  The scree slope is slippery but not very long or exposed, giving you just a brief idea of what to expect on longer and steeper hikes in the region.  The last hour will be walking on flat but rocky ground back through the wadi to the same place you started. No steep ascents, but there is a lot of small scree and loose rocks, exposed descent on a ledge. But most of the walk will be through the level – wadi with a bit of bouldering and climbing through the water and slippery rocks in a wadi.   We will stop frequently to ensure everyone is adequately hydrated and fit. If there is a need for anyone to turn around or go slower, we will send a leader


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Meet in the Showka area to the trailhead at 9 am with 4 liters of water packed in your backpack.

Trek will take 4-5 hours.

Lunch is not provided on this hike. 

Backpacks are available upon request from UAE Trekkers.


Explore through the wadi, jumping over the pools or through them, as you like! You will only climb 1 ridge which will take around 30 minutes of climbing.  A great experience as long as you have good fitness, balance, and proper hiking shoes.

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