The scenery here is literally, like no place on earth. The small Arabian island of Socotra is tinged with romance and spirit of exploration. Perhaps it’s the exotic trees or flocks of yellow faced vultures, or the beaches, undisturbed by greasy sunbathers.

Socotra is 250 miles south (500 km) of the Arabian Peninsula, technically, part of Yemen, but 30 million years of isolation have made the island unique. The relaxed pace of life is completely dominated by nature, so much the people on the island use their own calendar with 24 months, each month marking a small seasonal change. There is a month for when it rains, a month for when the wind blows and even a month for when crabs cover the beaches. Socotra has more than 800 endemic species of plants and animals. Only Hawaii and the Galapagos have more.

About 50,000 people live on the island – most are fishermen. No tourists to speak of due to the perception, understandably, that Socotra as part of Yemen is being a dangerous place. But its safe for people to come here, absolutely, 100 percent


Tuesday:  Group leaves from Dubai Feb 14th at 730 pm.

Sleep in Salalah.

Day 2: Wednesday: Early morning charter, private flight to Socotra

Day 6: Sunday, we will leave Socotra early afternoon to catch our flight back to Dubai.

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