We build our calendar to keep the progression in mind, and as a result usually offer our international treks in groups around the same dates.  All of these treks are on challenging terrain, rocks, forcing you to move slowly and carefully. Training your body, knees to get uphill, and improve your balance on the descent.  Feet, knees, and quads will be very sore.  

When you join a mountain climb, you will receive the dates and recommended progression series approrpiate for you.  You will likely join people who are also training for a climb around the same dates, and also meet the team that you will be climbing with.   

The goal is to complete at least 3 -4 training hikes in the 2 months prior to departure.  UAE Trekkers provides multiple opportunities for these hikes, and also can offer alternative at the smae level.

The best training for trekking is trekking. We give you lots of opportunities!.