Aim to complete at least 3 training hikes 2 weeks before departure.  The single best activity for preparing to climb a mountain is – climbing a mountain.  Start with short hikes and build up to a full weekend trip, where you learn the skills and experience tent life in your group

The best training for trekking is trekking. We give you lots of opportunities! Here is our calendar.


1: Midnight Hike to Wadi Bih: Beginner supported hike.

Dates offered:  January 30th

2: Wadi Showka: Beginner hike unsupported, 2 hour ascent.

Dates offered:  December 16, Feb 8

3: Jabal Qatar:   3 hour ascent, 5 hours sustained

Dates offered: December 9, Feb 20

4:  Wadi Shah:  3 -4hour ascent, 5 hours sustained

Dates offered:  November 19, January 9, Feb 27

5:  Jabal Shams: Steep, 5 -hour ascent, 10 hours sustained

Dates offered:  Nov. 23, January 19, March 15

We build our calendar to keep the progression in mind, and as a result usually offer our international treks in groups around the same dates.  Our next group of treks will be in the spring and include Nepal, Bhutan, and Kilimanjaro and Morocco.  All of these treks are on challenging terrain, rocks, forcing you to move slowly and carefully. Training your body, knees to get uphill, and improve your balance on the descent.  Feet, knees, and quads will be very sore.  For any trek involving camping, (Kilimanjaro) you should plan to do Wadi Shah as an overnight, and hike both days back to back.  More details on these hikes can be found on facebook UAE Trekkers, by subscribing to UAE Trekker Facebook Events,, and on our website

Summer Cycle Mountain Training starts in March/April/May for our Summer Summits Program:  

Kilimanjaro (2 teams: Eid Holiday, and August 1)  Elbrus; 2 teams (July 1, August 1) Denali:  June 1. 

Gear Support: Pre Departure Briefing and Gear Checks

Every group will have at least 2 in person briefings.


Briefing on Gear Shopping: Upon sign up: (2 months month prior to departure)

Learn about the gear you need, determine your budget for all items, decide what you will rent, buy, borrow.

We make the final steps in this process simple, cost effective, and exciting. The gear required for a high altitude climb is very sport-specific and requires understanding.  Sourcing gear from UAE is complicated in UAE due to availability on the market, making it a time consuming process.

Exclusive to UAE Trekkers:   Stick within a desired budget through the following options;

Discounts on gear locally, online.

Options for cheaper gear from Nepal

Options for used gear (locally, or from Nepal)

Options for borrowed gear (locally, or from Nepal)


Briefing 2:  Mental Training

2 weeks prior to departure. Understand your detailed itinerary.  Through our 2 hour briefing, we ensure that you are aware of the risks, rewards and everything in between of climbing the tallest mountain in Africa.  Option to complete the final gear check at this meeting.


Essential.  Pack everything before you go, and bring with you to the Gear Check.  Since you are climbing as a team and if one person in the group is unprepared without the right gear, the leaders will need to spend more time on this person, taking time away from others that are prepared.  Levels of understanding differ, and this ensures that everyone has the right gear before departure, when there is time to ensure that everything is in order.

 AND FINALLY, TRAVEL!  Treks with UAE Trekkers:

Here is our calendar and short description of our upcoming international treks.

Nepal:  Poon Hill and Ghorephani Beginner Trek:  November 30, March 25, May 1

5 days on the trail. A great trek, easy in, easy out. You can vary the distance you move up each day, and you’ll be rewarded with the best views in the valley.  Max altitude 4610, but the highest teahouse is at 4200m.

Cost: Flights from UAE included: 5000 dh

Everest Base Camp Express – Dip into Mountaineering (Heli Out)

The best of Nepal’s EBC iconic trek, but you get back within 12 days rather than 16 by taking the helicopter out, which is included in the cost of the trek. In addition, by joining the Labouche team, you will be camping one night in the Labouche Base Camp with your team, and join them for their mountaineering training day as you acclimatize.  No other agency offers this unique combination of getting the opportunity to taste mountaineering as your trek your way to base camp.

Dates offered:  March 24-April 8

Cost:  8500 dh including Heli, 6000 dh without.  (with flights from Abu Dhabi/ Dubai: add 1700 dh)

Labouche Peak East (6117m) Express

If you have climbed to altitude before, this is the next step. Simple mountaineering techniques, using a jumar and descender and crampons. You will learn these skills in 2 sessions prior to departure, at Wafi City, and in the Maliha Dunes Fixed Line training session, as well as on the mountain.  The trek is the same number of days as EBC and you will join them for most of the trek.

Cost; 10,500dh with heli out and 8000 without heli. Dates offered:  March 24

Annapurna Base Camp;

Shorter, steep trek starting from Pokhara, hot springs, great views but a bit colder. 9 days:

Dates Offered: March 24 to April 3,  April 3- April 10

Kilimanjaro:  Three routes to choose:

Budget Trek: 6 day Marangu Route OR 7 Day Machame

We will not offer the 5 day route, but the 6 day is as safe as you can get up in the shortest time possible. A faster ascent means you need to be very fit to maximize your chances of reaching the summit.   Huts are shared with up to 5 other people.  UAE Trekkers Guide Ratio: 1:1

Dates offered:  February 16-Feb 25

Cost:  Marangu Budget: 8,500 dh  Machame:  11,500  (early bird offer: pay in full upon registration for 1,000 discount)

7 Day Rongai Trek – December 16-25, March 1- 10

Recommended for new/novice trekkers.  A much slower ascent means a higher success rate. Camping in a tent with 2 people and 7 nights in the tent.  We go farther than other operators and tours and include things that our clients love.

Bhutan Trekking

The best of Bhutan. Get off the bus and into the back country.  You’ll trek to 4500m, but the trekking days are steep just as all Himalayan mountains.   Dates offered:  March 24-April 3                          Cost: 12,000 dh with flights included to Dehli and onto Bhutan.

Also coming soon:  Further details announced December 9

Mt Toubkal Trek: 5 days.  March 1

Sri Lanka Trek 5 days, Feb 2

Indonesia Jungle Trek: Cartstenz Pyramid May 15

Denali:  June 1

Rwanda and Uganda: November 29-December 3

Our famous and very popular trip to Rwanda and Uganda is already filling up.  Featuring a 3200m volcano Trek, Gorilla tracking, golden monkey tracking, dugout canoe riding and giving back to the community.