Aim to complete at least 3 training hikes 2 weeks before departure.  The single best activity for preparing to climb a mountain is – climbing a mountain.  Start with short hikes and build up to a full weekend trip, where you learn the skills and experience tent life in your group

Training Treks

The best training for trekking is trekking. We give you lots of opportunities! Among our too many training hikes, here are few included in our training cycle

1: Midnight Hike to Wadi Bih: Beginner hike.

2: Wadi Showka: Beginner hike

3: Jabal Qatar:   Moderate hike

4:  Wadi Shah: Moderate hike

5:  Jabal Shams: Challenging hike

We build our calendar to keep the progression in mind, and as a result usually offer our international treks in groups around the same dates.  For detailed information about our treks, visit our Destinations section. Training your body and your mind and synchronizing your breath to get uphill, and improve your balance on the descent is crucial.

Gear Support: Pre Departure Briefing and Gear Checks

Every group will have at least 2 in person briefings.

Briefing on Gear Shopping: Upon sign up: (2 months prior to departure)

Learn about the gear you need, determine your budget for all items, decide what you will rent, buy, borrow.

We make the final steps in this process simple, cost effective, and exciting. The gear required for a high altitude climb is very sport-specific and requires understanding.

Exclusive to UAE Trekkers:   Stick within a desired budget through the following options:

Discounts on gear locally, online.

Options for cheaper gear from Trekking Destination

Options for used gear (locally, or from Trekking Destination)

Options for borrowed gear (locally, or from Trekking Destination)

Briefing on Mental Training

2 weeks prior to departure. Understand your detailed itinerary.  Through our 2 hour briefing, we ensure that you are aware of the risks, rewards and everything in between of your mountain trekking journey.

Final Gear Check:

Essential.  Pack everything before you go, and bring with you to the Gear Check.  Since you are climbing as a team and if one person in the group is unprepared without the right gear, the leaders will need to spend more time on this person, taking time away from others that are prepared.  Levels of understanding differ, and this ensures that everyone has the right gear before departure, when there is time to ensure that everything is in order.

 AND FINALLY, TRAVEL!  Trek with UAE Trekkers.