the mountains, deserts and wadis of the UAE, Oman and Beyond!


 About Us

We have been a leader in providing unique outdoor hiking experiences for locals and expats since 2011. In the UAE, we hike in the mountains and deserts of Liwa, Ras al Khaimah, Hatta, Showka and Abu Dhabi. Externally we partner up with the best professional mountain guides to bring you the greatest possible experience in each country and the best chance to successfully summit mountains.

Upcoming events

Day Hikes

We offer hikes every weekend from November through March for 3-6 hours at various levels to help customers develop the skills they need to tackle the big mountains.

Big Mountains

Have big goals? Let our experience guides help you prepare, advise you on gear, and connected you with our tried and tested local providers.


Interested in a private or group event? Let us share what we have to offer.


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As a beginner hiker, I was really nervous to start hiking, but UAE Trekkers made me feel safe and ready for the challenge.
— Participant



It all started when…

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