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Mountain Prep Training: Best Gear Choices and Smart Packing for Mountains


If you are getting ready to go to the mountains, spend some time really learning about how to choose the best gear options for your individual needs and the mountain you are climbing.

Confused between Merino wool and thinsulate? What is 'waterproof' and 'water resistant" Don't let the sales person convince you to buy everything, go shopping as an informed buyer, THEN, learn how to pack it all efficiently so that you don't make your tent buddy nuts on your first night together.

We have 4 winter mountain teams in December that will all need to attend this workshop as a mandatory part of their preparation program. Aconagua, Kilimanjaro and Nepal Mountaineering and Kenya. However, even if you are not joining one of our mountain exepeditions you are still welcome to join.

IF you are not joining us for a trek, we ask you to pay 15 dollars on paypal to secure your spot and demonstrate that you are actually coming so that we can plan the space acoording to those that are serious about attending not just curious click and runs.

The presenter will give you the background information and then you will go into groups with different gear options to compare qualities and test out which options have the best qualities.

The workshop will end with a competion for the fastest team to pack all of their gear into the fewest compression bags. The winning team will will a set of 4 compression bags, buff and glove liners.

Amy Subaey has been climbing high altitude mountains for the past 20 years; Kilimanjaro (6 times) Nepal (5 times) Elbrus (5x) Sto Kangri, Labouche Peak, Lenin's Peak, (7119m) and Mt Kenya. As a trek leader she has had firsthand experience and knowledge of altitude and how it sneaks up on you and how to handle it. She has taken more than 25 teams to mountains in the past 6 years.

Matt Farr has climbed Ama Dablam and many other serious mountains in Nepal and the Alps. He is the owner of Mountain Quests. Matt has helped groups regulary get ready for the biggest mountains in Nepal and India.

Topics Covered:
How to choose:
Trekking Poles
Sleepign bags (what's the RATING mean)
Decoding Materials (fleece, merino, down, goretex, thinsulate, base layer, thermal)
Whats best for what temperature

The workshop will start at 630 pm and finish by 8:00 pm.
Attendance is mandatory and free for those climbing with us, and 20 dollars for others to reserve a place and tell us that you intend to actually join not just click RSVP.

The 15 dollars will include a latte a nice snacks.