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Wilderness Advanced First Aid Training Course

Qualify to be a Trek Leader after taking this course

Both days in remote location, no classroom theory section. All practical and scenario based, outside of Dubai. The certification is good for 2 years.

Total cost:  1100 DH. 

You will need to take an online first aid and cpr component prior to the start of this course if you have not done this before, or if your current card has expired.

This course is for you if

1) you would like to feel more confident about your ability to deal with emergency situations in remote locations, such as the mountains of UAE and Oman.

2) You are interested in being a trek leader.

3) You would like to be an independent trekker able to take your family and friends out to the desert or mountains and feel confident that you have skills to handle emergencies.

The topics taught will be of course the standard module, but it will also be adapted to the terrain, weather and situations of the UAE and Oman, making what started as an excellent course even better.

Course starts at 8 am both days, and finishes at 6 pm. You cannot miss 1 minute of either day, or make up the days at another time, you must take the full course at one time.

The course is non profit and costs are subsidized by UAE Trekkers to further encourage people to take the course.

If you are interested in being a Trek Leader this year, this course will be a prerequisite for the job.