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Buraimi Weekend: Trek, Yoga, Wadi Swim


This is our favorite Day Hike because of its proximity to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, just over the border in Al Ain, 2 short hours away.

This is a beautiful hike with varied terrain. This will not be an easy hike if you are not fit and do not participate in fitness activities at least 3 times per week. However, if you already are fit, and you have never hiked before, you will enjoy this hike. The ascent is around 3 hours, and the descent is another 2 hours, though the way down is tricky. If you attempt to push through, you will have the option to turn around earlier and make this a 4 hour hike, leaving off the more difficult sections.

This hike is family friendly and for active kids 9+. Its a 5 hour hike, with a good 3 hour ascent up to the summits. Don't worry, if you can't make the first ascent and complete the full hike, we will have our turn-around specialist leader take you on an easier route which will get you back to the hotel 1 hour before the others. This is a moderate hike, with lots of scrambling. If you are fit and relish the 'scrambling' type of climb, you will LOVE this hike. The fitter you are, the easier it is. You need some upper body strength as well for the climbing. This is the 2nd easiest hike that we do which does NOT mean its easy. We plan on people overestimating their fitness levels, and have an 'escape hatch' for those who really can't complete the hike to still be able to enjoy it though they will not hike as long as the others.


Thursday: We will stay in a very cute hotel called Wadi Shams Resort. No need to fuss with camping gear, sleeping bags or the worrying lack of a toilet.

Friday: We will start our hike at 4 am, in the sort of crescent moonlight using head torches. Relax at the resort for the rest of the day.Yoga Sessions will be at 4 pm after our swim. The evening will be a bbq dinner outdoors under the moonlight.

Saturday: Easy family friendly hike, with swimming! Wadi hike, 3 hours, easy enough for the whole family. Lots of swimming, gorgeous scenery. We will wrap up by noon on Saturday.


Trailblazer Members:

500 DH

Non Members: 900 DH

Visa fees: 85 DH

What’s included:

• 2 nights in hotel

• Single room for an extra charge

• All meals

Not included:

• Please buy 5 liters of water (4 bottles of 1.5 liters of water) at the ADNOC.

• Hat, sunscreen, hiking pants or shorts.

• You must have hiking shoes as indicated.

• If you don't have a backpack with a waist strap, you can request one from UAE Trekkers

• Visa fees

• Bus will be provided for an additional charge for a minimum of 15 participants


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at .

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where is the hike exactly? UAE or Oman, and do I need to get a visa to Oman? (

Yes, everyone will need to exit the UAE and enter Oman, and return. Check this map and you will understand the 'enclave concept. This is why we must 'exit' uae in one place, but not 'enter' for another 50km. We will need to get exit stamps and pay 35dh to UAE in Buraimi, and pay another 50dh to get a visa into Oman. Then we will promptly turn around without actually going into Oman 'proper'. For a more detailed explanation, you an read about the history; we will do our

'border run' on Thursay night, rather than Friday after the hike which is why we are giving you dinner on the bus. You will be on the bus for 4 hours total on Thursday night, but only 2 hours on Friday back.

2. Where is the hotel? Wadi Sharm Hotel

30 minutes drive from the border. But, google maps are very unreliable and does not really even work in Oman.

Sometimes links don't work. Sometimes they take you to the wrong place, even in Dubai, but more often in Oman. Your best bet is to meet us at 8 pm. Sometimes the links are wrong, and remember, even if you're roaming, your data plan won't work unless you activate it, and you'll just have all sorts of frustration. Just plan to meet the group at the designated time, and you will have no worries.