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Secret Staircases of Dibba: Beginner Trek

  • Mussandam, Dibba port (map)


This amazing trek starts in Wadi Bih and continues along a trail where you will have spectacular views of the Hajjar mountains and the Arabian Gulf. This trek is an incredible lesser known hike, with amazing views and great reviews from last group!

Requirements to participate in this trek:

Kids as young at 10 can participate safely

• Carry 2 liters of water.

• You must have proper hiking boots and a backpack with a waist strap.


You can choose, arrive on Thursday night or Friday am.

FRIDAY MORNING 8:30 am arrival.

Camping at the Adventure Center. Arrvie anytime on Thursday night.

Wake up, eat, and start hiking. We will be done by 3 pm, and then head back direct to UAE, home by around 7 pm.

This hike will be in Dibba, Oman. Its technically an enclave of Oman. You don't need to be stamped, but you DO need permission to cross into this 'area' If you are a tourist, you don't need it. If you are a resident you MUST have that permission to participate. You need to send a copy of your passport and residence visa 2 weeks ahead of time - that permission MUST happen at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure that you are processed.

You must have your actual passport and not a photocopy to cross the checkpoint. Your passport will not be stamped, but it will be checked. If you have a Tourist Visa, you will not need special permission to cross.

Non Camping option: 440 DH (you can arrive in the am)
Camping Option overnight: 730 DH (vat's in there ) The fees include all camping gear, dinner, breakfast and lunch and border pass.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at . Joining the RSVP list is not enough. You will need to pay and send your current passport and residence visa to