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Climb Mt Kenya and 2 day Safari Masai Mara

  • Mountain Kenya, Nairobi (map)


Mt Kenya is the 2nd highest peak in Africa. Its shorter, more scenic, less crowded and less painful than Kilimanjaro. All of us had climbed Kilimanjaro, and actually enjoyed this climb more. The summit is a fun scramble, the weather is stable and the trail is just stunning!

We love the fact that we can summit and get back down in 4 days.

Amy has climbed Kilimanjaro multiple times, Everest Base Camp, Labouche Peak, peaks in the Alps, Rwanda, Uganda, Russia, Nepal, India, Kyrgyzstan, Switzerland and the USA.

• - Get a group so you will know who you are climbing with

•What is included: 7500 VAT INCLUSIVE

Paid in 2017. 2018 will incur VAT rates of 5%

• Guides 1:4 on the mountain

• Trek Leader

• Trek and Park fees

• Accommodation on the trek in huts

• All meals on the trek

• Transfers from airport to trailhead and back

• Hotel Accommodation before the trek or after (itinerary depending)

• Gear Rentals - sleeping bags, crampons, etc. are charged based on what you need.

we are doing a combination of 2 routes, one on the way up, another on the way down. Here is the route we will take: Burguret and Siromon

Day 1: Start: Mount Kenya Burguret Route Trek (

The Burguret Route is a wilderness path that is little used. This path is varied and changes every half an hour! It goes from deep rainforest to grassy fields to open lobelia tree filled valleys.

We go up to Point Lenana, the hikers summit, via this nature trail then descend on the gradual Sirimon Route. Accommodation on the trek is camping throughout, in roomy mountain tents. But, we will eat and join with other trekkers for our meals in the huts. We just won't sleep there

This trek makes the summit (4895m) on the morning of the 4th day which will allow time for acclimatizing.

Wednesday or Thursday early morning flight: Arrive to Nairobi in the morning and drive directly to the gate to start our acclimatization hike of 2 hours. Exhausting, but the best way to get adjusted to the altitude is to walk in it, not to give in and sleep! We will be around 2000 m here for around 24 hours, which will give our bodies enough time. This plan worked very well for our July group.

Day 2: Bamboo Camp 10kms / 4h). Ascent: +740m.

From here it is a long but thrilling walk through dense forest and towering bamboo to our own Giant Bamboo camp. In the forest there are many species of brightly coloured birds such as the scarlet winged turacos and different species of monkeys. Elephant and buffalo are also common sightings.

Day 3: HIGHLAND CASTLE – 3,700m

Trek to Highland Castle, approx.10kms / 5-6h. Ascent: +1,100m. The bamboo give way to enormous podocarpus and pencil cedar forest and as we climb higher we pass through the Hygenia or Hypercium zone also know as the rosewood zone.

THURS Day 4: SUMMIT – 4,985m / OLDMOSES CAMP – 3,340m

Trek via Pt. Lenana to Oldmoses Camp. Approx. 20Kms/9hrs. Ascent: 749m to the summit / Descent: -1645m to Oldmoses Camp. Just before dawn we are woken by our guides and hot tea is served before we begin the last leg of our trek to the summit. The trek begins beneath the stars as we zigzag our way up a large scree slope guided only by torch light to reach Pt. Lenana. It's an exhilarating 3 hours from here to reach the hiker's summit, Pt Lenana (4985m) in time for the sunrise!. A further 2 hours down to Shipton's camp (4200m) for a hefty breakfast. Then down to OldMoses Camp 3340m. for overnight.


Hike to Sirimon gate (2,600m).approx 10kms / 2h. Descent : -740m Transfer to Nairobi via Mountain Rock lodge. (Span, 230kms / 4-5h). A short morning trek to Sirimon park gate (2600m) and connect with the vehicle for transfer back to Mountain Rock Lodge for a hot shower and lunch before the journey back to Nairobi.

Safari will start from Nairobi for 2 days.

Cost: Does not include airfare to Nairobi or visa.

Early bird discount: 900dh if paid before Jan 1. (PRE VAT NO TAX )

Trailblazer members also enjoy a 25% discount on this trek.