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Wadi Monay Sunset Short Beginner Family Friendly Hike


Wadi Monay has been a very popular hike this season as its beautiful with a lovely trail and accessibility.

Do your morning routine and head out of town around 1 pm to reach Showka by 3 pm, from either city. It"s so convenient!

We are planning to walk in the cooler afternoon time, and end just at sunset around 630/7 pm.

This hike is just off the Sharjah/Kalba Highway, 1.5 hours from Dubai. Easy to find, no need for an off-road car either. The hike is 3 -4 hours over varied terrain, up a bouldery wadi, down a plateau where you will see ancient settlements (the remnants of them) and then your challenge: up to reach the pass over a ridge. It"s a steep incline, but the rocks are solid and nonscree like, making you feel confident as you make your way up, then over the ridge and back down the gentle descent. Kids are also welcome to participate as they will enjoy this hike as well, especially if we are going slowly. If you are really confident, you will have the option to carry on up to the highest point on the mountain as long as you are comfortable in the looser scree- for the way down.

Please keep in mind that anyone that this is classified as a beginner hike for people that are participating in fitness activities on a regular basis. However, provided that you run, swim, bike, or do fitness classes regularly, you will enjoy this great beginner hike, suitable for all ages, for a morning getaway.

The hike will take you on a flat section through the wadi, and over the ridge for an amazing view of the Hajjar mountains. Though it"s still hot in the afternoons, this is a short hike not more than 4 hours. However, you still will need to take 3 liters of water with you! Hiking shoes strongly recommended.

You can use the same link to pay for either hike. After you complete your waiver, you will be added to the whats app group

Location, detailed itinerary will be added in the whats app group. NOT on meeutp.

There are 2 hikes today, the morning is the Intermediate hike. The afternoon is the BEGINNER hike. Meet on the village of Monay at 8:00 am (1.5 hours from Dubai, 2.5 from Abu Dhabi)

Start hike: 800 am.

Finish Hike: 12:00 PM

Off road car is NOT required, we park on the road and walk.

What’s included:

1 or 2 Wilderness First Aid Certified Trek Leaders to keep the groups on track
Gear Loans upon request (trekking shoes, backpack or camelback)
Coordination by carpools

SAT phones, so we don’t have to rely on a mobile network connection

All information and communication, trek location, is by whats app NOT by meetup. RSVP is only expression of interest. Payment is a commitment. There are no refunds. If you join and cannot attend for any reason, you will lose your money. When the trek is FULL, the RSVP will be closed. Until that point, please pay directly on the website and you will be added into the group within 48 hours. We are unable to communicate with people from Thursday evening until Sunday as the team are out trekking on weekends and do not answer messages. Contact:

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at 


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