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Sunrise Desert Dune Hike outskirts of Abu Dhabi

Kick off the season of desert dune hiking in Wathba. We will do a 3 hour trek and plan to finish at sunset.

We will do a desert trek in the Wathba area (45 minutes out of abu dhabi) in the remote dunes.  We will have an off road car following us if you need support for our trek.  

Water, snacks and car support is included.  We will be in a remote area though its not so far from Abu Dhabi.

Cost: 250 dh
Car support throughout the hike in case you get tired.

Pick up points: 
Where is the hike?

This hike is just off the Abu Dhabi Al Ain Highway,  Easy to find, no need for an off road car either.

How difficult is the hike?

The hike is 3 hours through the dunes. ,

How fit do I need to be?

We will provide car support, if anyone has a hard time finishing the hike they can ride in the car. 

What do I need to have?
Trekking shoes are always required as the risk of ankle turning and foot pain is high for those that are not used to hiking. 

You can easily rent a TREK SET:  Trekking shoes,  desert  gaitors to keep the sand out, and backpack and camelback with required water for 150 dh. These can be ordered and paid in cash upon arrival.