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Nubian Egypt (Aswan)

Aswan, Egypt.

On the typical 'tourist' circuit, Aswan is usually skipped in favor of the more popular Valley of the Kings and Queens in Luxor. Let them go, as we say, because this keeps Aswan as authentic, peaceful and safe. You can swim in these waters, no disease and no crocodiles (its just under the Aswan Dam)

Fly from Dubai to Cairo, and then on direct to Aswan for 5 days and 4 nights of a cultural experience of a culture long forgotten; Nubians = not Egyptians. Use the power of the google to figure out who Aga Khan was and why he went to Aswan.

We will also skip the 5 star touristic hotels and the cruise ships in favor of a local village turned guest house but with all of the boutique hotel luxuries and amenities of the big hotels, just none of the ordinary stuff. Things like breakfast coffee delivered to your balcony overlooking the Nile. Lunch on a feluca with musicians on the upper deck. And riding the camel to the ancient monastery of Aga Khan, through the desert on the shores of the Nile. Price includes everything except aifare.

3200 DH For the full itinerary, simply RSVP with your email address and it will be sent to you.
Check for activities, a peek at the guest house/hotel.

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