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Midnight Beginner Hike in Wadi Bih (Dibba)


This hike will be in Dibba, Oman. Its technically an enclave of Oman. You don't need to be stamped, but you DO need permission to cross into this 'area' If you are a tourist, you don't need it. If you are a resident you MUST have that permission to participate. WE will be using the Absolute Adventure Center for our checkpoint passes and camping on the site. Therefore we need to close registration 4 days prior to hike.

Wadi Bih Midnight/Sunrise Hike has become a bi-annual tradition at UAE Trekkers offered when it's normally too hot to hike anywhere during the day. It's also a great hike for people have zero experience with hiking as it's a totally supported hike, meaning if you get tired, you can stop and get a ride to the finish line. This is a family friendly event that kids love! You will hike at your level but should plan to push yourself to complete 4 hours in order to reach the top of Khabb al Shamsi.

You must have your actual passport and not a photocopy to cross the checkpoint. Your passport will not be stamped, but it will be checked. If you have a Tourist Visa, you will not need special permission to cross.

150 dh Camping with Absolute Adventure (350dh) All inclusive, dinner, tent, sleeping bag, and toilet facilities. Trek: 150 DH
Camping is not optional as we need them to do our border passes. The fees to join the Night/Sunrise hike include 4 water stops throughout the route, support (if needed), and communications throughout the hike.