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Mt Elbrus: 5675m: Russia: Climb and Ski Week at EID

  • Elbrus Mountains Russia (map)


• What we'll do
We are trying to create our summer calendar and need to get some early commitments. WE're offering great deal!!! Early Bird Comittment Savings: 5600 DH
Join with a friend and save. 2 friends pay 1 price.
Join by yourself and pay 3000 DH until February 1st only. This mountain does not require Climb Mt Elbrus: Highest Peak in Europe (2nd of the 7 Summits)
This mountain is in many ways easier than Kilimanjaro, don’t let the snow and ‘technical’ intimidated you. You do not need any prior mountain or technical experience, and you do not need to buy any special gear as all of it can be rented on site. You can even rent the clothing, and its good quality!
Even so, you do need to be fit! Luckily we offer trekking every weekend to get you ready.
Sign up wth us now and take advantage of the huge savings offered for early sign ups.
The flights are on Fly Dubai and cost 366 USD. A special fare sale is usually offered in March so don’t buy them just yet.
4. RUSSIA Visa
Apply now!
This can take up to 2 months to get for some nationalities. Apply early! The cost depends on nationality.
5. Travel Insurance: Cancellation Policy of UAE Trekkers
As soon as you send me your deposit and buy your plane tickets you should make sure that you have travel insurance.
Bring with you on the mountain:
Print out of policies
Cash for spending and tipping in small denominations, 1s,5 10, 20. Allow 250 US for tips
Recommended additional cash for adult beverages or additional items; 100 US
1 emergency credit card ONLY
Copy of passport – paper - this will be very useful

ITINERARY: Subject to weather and other variables
Day 1: Arrival on June 15 6 am
Drive to Baksan Valley, arrive by 10 am. Acclimatization walk to Waterfall at 2000 m. Return to hotel.
Day 2: Hike to Cheget Peak (3725m)
Wake up: 630 am. Departure from hotel: 730 am
After an early breakfast, we will hike using the chairlifts to start and reach Cheget Peak. Return to hotel.
Day 3: Transfer to Barrel Huts. Acclimatization to 4850m
Wake up: 630 am. Departure from hotel: 730 am
After an early breakfast, we will carry our things up to the barrels and get tucked in for the rest of the week. We will do an acclimatization hike in the afternoon, weather permitting, to reach 4850m. Day 4 Snow, Ice - Self arrest Training Day/ Acclimatization
Wake up: 730 am. Departure from hotel: 830 am
Relaxing day to only accomplish our training and rest. Day 5 Early Morning Summit Bid (weather window 1)
Wake up: 330 am. Departure from hotel: 430 am
Today is the day. We will wake up in the middle of the night, get our gear on and head up on the Snow Cat by 430 to reach 4850m. We will continue our ascent in a tight group, staying together at all times. Day 6: Summit Bid Window 2)
Wake up: 330 am. Departure from barrels: 430 am (double summit bid)
Wake up 800 am departure from barrels to hotel: 9 am

Day 7:
REturn to Mineralye Vody and back to Dubai.

• What to bring
You will need to have your own trekking shoes, backpack, and train with your group prior to departure. 4 UAE Treks are included FREE of charge in your package.

• Important to know
Early bird comittment unbeatable prices! 3600 DH ONLY! No technical skill are required prior to departure. All gear can be rented upon arrival, even the heavy winter gear. Training is provided prior to departure as well.