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Mt Elbrus: 5675m: Russia: Climb Prepared

  • Elbrus Mountains Russia (map)

Get trained.

Get Prepared. 

The mountain is in many ways easier than Kilimanjaro, don’t let the snow and ‘technical’ intimidated you. You do not need any prior mountain or technical experience, and you do not need to buy any special gear as all of it can be rented on site. You can even rent the clothing, and its good quality!

Even so, you do need to be fit and prepared.. When you sign up with UAE Trekkers you sign up for training and preparation for weeks or sometimes months before you ever leave. We offer trekking every weekend to get you ready

We offer FREE training every weekend until departure to ensure that you are ready to climb.  We also help you get the right gear at the best price, and offer visa and flight assistance. 

COST: 7000 DH including flights