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Wadi Tiwi, Shabb and Turtles: Family Escape

Thousands of Turtles converge to the clear, aqua waters around the Ras al Jinz area of Oman. This is the best time to watch the turtles hatching in the entire year. We will also head to the amazing wadis, Shabb and Bani Khaled, which are family friendly and so much fun.It wil be too hot for much trekking, so this will be a water based adventure that will be able to include the whole family and everyone. 


- Fly to Muscat (too far to drive for a weekend)

- Overnight in Muscat.

Friday drive to Wadi Shabb for the morning, then onto Ras al Jinz for the evening.

- We will spend Saturday in the water in the sea, boating and snorkeling.

- Saturday sunrise, race to the beach for a good morning of body surfing.- Start our way back to Muscat stopping at Bimmah Sink hole before reaching the souk and the airport.


1500 DH Full 2 Days Weekend Adventure

Kids are 50% price of adults.

Airfare is not included. Driving is an option.

Includes 2 nights accommodation transportation and all meals and snacks.


If you want to join this adventure or have any questions, don’t hesitate to message us here or contact us at