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Beginner: Wadi Munay Trek (FULL)


This hike is just off the Sharjah/Kalba Highway, 1.5 hours from Dubai. The hike is about 3 hours over varied terrain, up a bouldery wadi, down a plateau where you will see ancient settlements (the remnants of them). We will continue over the ridge for an amazing view of the Hajjar mountains, stop for a break and then loop around heading back to our start point.

Kids are also welcome to participate as they will enjoy this hike as well, especially if we are going slowly. Please keep in mind that anyone that this is classified as a beginner hike for people that are participating in fitness activites on a regular basis. However, provided that you run, swim, bike, or do fitness classes regularly, you will enjoy this great beginner hike, suitable for all ages, for a morning getaway.

9:00 am: Meet at RAK Bank in Munay
9:30am: Start hike
11:00 am: Reach the halfway point; have short break
12:30 pm: Finish hike

Off road car is NOT required, we park on the road and walk.

Cost: 250 DH
Includes: Trek Only
Transport: Private vehicle or carpool arranged in WhatsApp group

Hiker’s Responsibility: 3L of water and personal snacks

Wadi Monay1.jpg