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Weekend of Trekking on Jabal Akhdar - Double Beginner Treks

  • Jabal Akhdar Oman (map)


Meet at the police checkpoint on Thursday night on Jabal Akdar, just east of Nizwa. Meet your guides at 8 am on Friday morning at the hotel. Jabal Akdar is at 2000 m, so no worry about the heat! It will be a relief from the heat of Dubai!

NOTE: Beginner does not mean 'unfit'. This is for FIT trekkers who have been doing other types of fitness on a regular basis, but are NEW to trekking. As long as you are participating in regular fitness, gym, biking, classes, you will do fine on a 6 hours trek without a lot of steep inclines. However, if you are not doing this already, you will struggle, and you will not enjoy it at all. If you say you are fit and your are not, we have the right to turn you around on Friday and take you back to the hotel if you are too much of a risk to take with the group. Just make sure to get regular exercise and you'll be fine!


We will explore abandoned villages for around 6 hours. This will be hilly, but not overly challenging terrain. There is an ascent of about 2 hours. On this two day trekking adventure in the cooler temps of Jabal Akdar, you will explore Oman’s mountains, abandoned villages, admire alpine flora and blooming pomegranate trees on our way across wadis, dams and plateaus.

Enjoy a cool evening in the wild, admire some of the most beautiful starfilled skies. Yes, the nights are still chilly up on Jabal Akhdar. Look out for lemons, papayas and even rare walnut trees on the second day of our trek.

It will be warm during the day and slightly chilly in the night. These are not challenging walks but they do require fitness. They are meant to be a chance to explore the scenery and get a great day's hike in.

We will stay in a hotel, and all meals are provided from breakfast on Friday until Lunch on saturday.

You should wear proper hiking shoes and have a backpack that has a chest strap and waist strap. You'll need to carry your own water and some snacks.


Easier walk around 4 hours. You will be done trekking by noon. Have lunch and head back to Muscat if you are flying, or start the journey back to UAE.


As soon as you join you'll be added to the whats app group where you will be able to organize your rides. Once you ahve a ride, you will need to pay on the website. www.uae-trekkers. using your credit card. If you do not pay within 48 hours, you will simply be removed from the group.

It is recommended that you leave early on Thursday in order to reach Oman by 8 pm. You can get a visa upon arrival for 50dh and car insurance is also availble at the border for around 100 dh.

What’s included:

• Trekking 2 days with guides
Two nights hotel and all meals


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at .

Pay here using your credit card: 950 dh

All information and communication, trek location, is by whats app NOT by meetup. RSVP is only expression of interest. Payment is a commitment. There are no refunds. If you join and cannot attend for any reason, you will lose your money. When the trek is FULL, the RSVP will be closed. Until that point, please pay directly on the website and you will be added into the group within 48 hours. We are unable to communicate with people from Thursday evening until Sunday as the team are out trekking on weekends and do not answer messages.

This trip is non refundable. If you cannot attend for any reason, you will lose your money.