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Journey into the Lost World of Wadi Tiwi: Canyoning, Abseiling Adventure

We completed our maiden adventure and were utterly astounded!!! Check our instagram and Facebook for pictures and videos. It was unreal!

Here’s the next opportunity:

Thursday: Drive or fly to Muscat and arrive by 10 pm. Overnight in the hotel and join the group transport from Muscat early Friday morning, leaving the hotel at 8:00 a.m for Wadi Shabb.

Friday: Drive to Wadi Shabb, the popular tourist jewel of Oman. We will spend around 3 hours in the Wadi, depending on the water levels. After we have lunch in the town, we will head to meet our team and make the 3 hours drive up to the campsite. We will have dinner, get our gear prepared for the next morning’s early rise and go to bed by 9 pm.

Don’t worry, it may be hot down here, but we will be heading up to around 1300m, where its a comfortable temperature for camping, believe it or not.

SATURDAY AT 5:00 am sharp, we will start heading down a rocky and steep slope until we get to the start of the pools. Its a lot of crystal clear pools - 5 kilometers in fact, of water where you’ll be paddling up to 500m at one time, with the swims broken up by abseiling down big rocks or climbing over them.

This is not an adventure for novices at abseiling or the weekend gym bunny, its a challenging adventure that will push you well beyond your limit. You’ll be swimming and climbing for at a minimum of 11 hours. A good gauge or your fitness is to complete the Snake Canyon first and see how you feel about the activities.

There are a total of 5 abseils of varying difficulty and steepness. All of the abseils are over thundering waterfalls, which sounds really cool, but is certainly anything but easy. As we venture deeper into the wadi, we will reach a cave where you’ll find a large beautiful turquoise blue pool. This is a hidden gem that few people ever get to experience! Its like a Lost World!!

Saturday we will aim to finish by 7:30 pm and make our way back to Muscat.

This trip has complicated logistics and has a minimum participation level of 7, and a maximum of 10.

Trail Type: One-way

Time: 10 hours

Terrain: Canyons, boulders, water, water, water.

Suitable For: Strong swimmers, fit individuals, with at least one abseiling experience.

Preferred experience: Snake Canyon


  • 1 Night Accommodations in twin sharing room

  • 1 night camping (all equipment included)

  • All meals plus snacks and water (Breakfast, lunch in the wadi, dinner after the wadi)

  • Transport from Muscat and back

  • Canyoning Equipment

  • First Aid Certified Guides

Not Included and required

  • Transport to Muscat (available at additional charge)

  • Oman Visa (available online )

  • Dry bag (keep your hiking shoes in there for the 3k of hiking)

  • Thin wetsuit (not just for the water but for protection from the rocks)

  • Your own figure 8, belay device, caribiner and harness

  • Trekking (hiking shoes) and Water shoes

  • Sunhat, sunglasses, sunscreen

  • Snacks

Price: 1600 AED + VAT