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Mount Elbrus

Mt Elbrus, Russia

10-Day Trip, June 12-20

Climb Europe’s Highest Peak

You do not need any prior mountain or technical experience, and you do not need to buy any special gear as all of it can be rented on site. The single most important factor for your success on this mountain is your fitness.  The trail to the summit is very, very steep, snowy, and hard! Fitness and preparation will be a critical element of your success. We offer an extensive pre-trip preparation program included in your price that no other operator in the business does. This is where we are unique to other tour operators.  You can be sure that you have the right gear and be confident that you truly understand the key information you need for your ascent.  

Why is this harder than Kilimanjaro?

Altitude:  Many people take up Elbrus after success on Kilimanjaro and are surprised that the find the altitude harder to manage than Kili, though the altitude is lower.  Most people choose the fastest ascent possible up this mountain via cable car and snow cat. This inevitably leads to problems if you have not acclimatized properly.  On the 10 day schedule, we will have 2 additional days to adjust our bodies to the altitude in addition to the ‘standard; tour. You will be acclimatized to 5000 m prior to summit night.

Weather and Cold: It is much colder up there than on Kilimanjaro and much windier.  The weather is very volatile and can change without warning. -20 is pretty normal on summit night! However, you do not sleep in a tent, so your nights will be toasty warm.  We recommend puffy down parka type jackets that we rent on site.

Why is it easier than Kilimanjaro?

No tents! You are warm and cozy, every night! Just bring ear plugs and check your ‘modesty’ at the door, as you will be changing in one room all together -boys and girls. This is mountaineering.  

Why UAE Trekkers?

We’re not just a travel agency we are a group of people that join early in attempts to train together and go prepared. We will also have training sessions at Ski Dubai with crampons to get you used to using them.  We offer these sessions most Fridays and a few Saturdays leading up to the climb


We are flying using Aeroflot as it gives us more flexibility than Fly Dubai with our itinerary.   This has the added benefit of giving us a chance to sight see in Moscow!

Russian Visas

Apply as soon as you join. The cost depends on nationality. It usually takes 1 week to get the visa, but you do have to surrender your passport for that time.  You can apply for expedited service at an additional fee.

Travel Insurance: Cancellation, Medical, and Evacuation Policy

As soon as you send your payment and buy your plane tickets you should make sure that you have travel and health insurance.   You will also need to show that you have health insurance and mountaineering evacuation insurance before departure.  We will arrange this for you at additional discounted prices.

ITINERARY:  Subject to weather and other variables

Moscow Tour Day:

The Russian Visa is very expensive for most of us, so this option allows you to make the most of the visa costs by having a day in Moscow to see the sights.  


  • Transfers from airport

  • Meals

  • Overnight in Moscow at Hilton (close to the airport) on twin sharing basis.

  • Breakfast

  • Sightseeing transport tour in Moscow for 1 day

  • Parasailing on Final Day

Wednesday, June 12th: Arrive in Moscow

We will meet in Moscow and visit the Red Square.  Overnight in Hilton which is close to airport in order to take an early morning flight to Mineralnye Vody Airport (MRV).  

Thursday, June 13th: Travel to Mineralny Vody   

When we arrive at MRV we will be at 2000m and our bodies will begin acclimatizing. After we get settled into our hotel, we will take a short hike around this picturesque town.  

Friday, June 14th: Waterfall Acclimatization Hike  

Today we will gain 1300m elevation on our trek to the waterfall at 3300m. Acclimatizing is crucial to a successful summit attempt. Return to hotel at 2000m.  

Saturday, June 15th: Hike to Cheget Peak (3650m)

After breakfast, we will have a 3 hour hike up towards Cheget Peak, or as close as we are allowed to go. We will hike using the chairlifts back down from Cheget Peak.  Return to hotel. Dinner in Cheget.

Sunday, June 16th:  Transfer to Dorm (3650 M). Rest Day

Today  we will carry our things up to the huts and get tucked in for the rest of the week. We will do a short acclimatization hike in the afternoon, weather permitting.  Possible ski option today.

Monday, June 17th: Snow- and Ice-self Arrest Training Day Hike (4600 M)

The first summit window starts tonight. This means if the forecast is bad, we will push and try to summit tonight. Otherwise today is a relaxing day to accomplish our training and rest.  

Tuesday, June 18th:  Summit Bid 1  

Today is the day. We will wake up at 3:30 am, get our gear on and head up on the Snow Cat by 4:30am to reach 4850m. We will continue our ascent in a tight group, staying together at all times.  

Wednesday, June 19th: Summit Bid Window 2

Weather reserve day to repeat routine of 1st Summit bid. Summit and return by 3 pm. Rest overnight.  

Thursday, June 20th: Descend to Terskol and Cheget  

Rest Day.  Optional Activities include skiing.  We will need to leave 3 hours for driving and reaching the airport by 10PM , so we will leave around 6 PM

Friday, June 20: Parasailing

This will need to be reserved well in advance as the is only 1 operator in the area.  We will do this on our way back to Mineralye Vody for our late night flight back to Dubai.   

One important thing to keep in mind is that this itinerary is completely dictated by the current weather conditions and can change without notice. Our guides and company will be fully aware of the weather conditions and will ensure that we arrange our schedule in order to allow us the best chances of summiting.

Total Cost for 10 Day Trip 9,500 DH  (2,600 USD)

Pre-Departure Preparation, Support and Training Program

UAE Trekker’s offer an extensive pre-trip preparation program that no other operator in the business does. This includes:

  • 2 pre-trek Ski Dubai training sessions.

  • 3 free day-treks (Wadi Monay, Wadi Showkah, Wadi Shah, etc)

  • 50% discount on overnight or weekend treks (Liwa, Wadi Qatar, Kumzar, etc)

  • Gear support in sourcing, loans and purchases.

  • 1 group pre-departure briefings and full gear checks.

  • Pre-trip training and preparation benchmarks and reminders

You are joining UAE Trekkers because you want to

  1. Know who you are going to summit Kilimanjaro with before you leave,

  2. Train as a team to be able to support each other on the mountain, and

  3. Gain insight from experienced summitters in gear choice; ensuring you are fully prepared.

Though we understand that people travel for work and do fitness activities on their own, please make every effort to attend at least some of the training sessions, if not all.

Price Includes

  • Transfers from airport to hotels

  • All Meal

  • Guides  1:3 Ratio

  • Trek Leader from UAE Trekkers

  • Lift tickets

  • Parasailing on final day

Not Included:

  • Flights and visas

  • Meals outside of the hotel

  • Additional lift tickets

  • SnowCat Fees

  • Gear rental

  • Personal guide on summit day

  • Personal items


Full Board.

This itinerary includes full board in the hotel and the refuge, but  does NOT include meals outside the hotel. Many people often choose to eat outside the hotel in the town of Terskol or Cheget which is fine, but this is not covered in the normal itinerary.  The meals at the refuge are included also. The food is plentiful and delicious.  

Lift Tickets

You will have one round trip included in your trek. If you choose to go up and down an additional time, this is additional cost.

Snow Cat Charges

Many trekkers choose the snow cat on summit night, but some insist not to take it.  For this reason, we do not include the charges in the fees. The charges will be UP to 120 Euros ONE WAY.  Some will choose to take it round trip, others one way, or not at all. We have enough guides to accommodate your individual options, therefore we do not include it in the charges.

Equipment Rentals

The gear available in the area is excellent quality and reasonably priced. The rental options are also nothing short of excellent. However, you cannot be assured of sizes and exact matches for your needs.  The prices are not exorbitant, nor are they cheaper than other places. We wil advise you on the best things to suit your individual needs for rent vs buying option and cover these in details in the briefings.  We highly recommend the down parka jackets to ensure your comfort on summit night. if you don’t have technical gear you can rent it on site but you should be prepared to spend up to 250 dollars for the week on good gear.  Likely you will not need this amount.


Your own guide, or a shared guide,  on summit night will cost 300Euros plus tip.  However, if you are significantly slower or faster than the standard pace of the group, you will be required to contract your own guide.  We will have 2 guides for our group, but these will stay with the core group and one pace, 1 for leading, and 1 for tail to ensure that if there is an emergency, there is a guide to go down and one to stay with the group.   It is possible to share these costs with another person, but the decision does not need to be made until the day before you summit.

Extra Night in Hotel

If you decide to come back to the hotel the same day that we summit, we will normally be staying in the hut if you want you can come back to the hotel but this is an additional hotel night. It will cost 40Euros. Your stay at the huts is already paid for.  This is only if we summit on time and return to the hotel before 3 pm, and still have the energy to pack up and return.


Plan to tip your main guide around 5-15 Euros per day and your summit night guide around 15 per person.