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First of the Big Mountains: Mt Ararat, Eastern Turkey

  • Mountain Ararat Turkey (map)

Climb Mt Ararat: 5 day Trek

Though Mt Ararat is a short climb, you will still get the entire mountain experience with waking up at 3 am for the summit attempt, experience sleeping in tents, and portered gear, its a great trek for those apprehensive about bigger climbs, bigger risks and bigger expense, making Mt Ararat a great mountain if you have no experience at altitude. Its also got a really dramatic summit with snow on the top and amazing views! This is a 3 day climb, with 1 added day of acclimatization for a safe ascent. You won't hike more than 4 hours per day except for summit night, and the ascent is on a decent trail that is very doable if you have been doing your share of the effort in your daily workouts and preparation hikes! You do not need any prior mountain or technical experience.  You do need to be fit and have all of the gear except for crampons which will be given to you when needed.

How hard is Mt Ararat?

Altitude: The altitude and the rate of your ascent will put you at risk for altitude sickness.  Although we have added an acclimatization day to our trek plan, you will still need to focus on walking slowly and not breathing hard on your way up.  The faster you go in the earlier altitudes when the going is easy, the harder you will make it on yourself at the higher altitudes. Your guide, Burhan, is reallay good at setting a pace that will ensure your success, just don’t go ahead of him! The trail to the summit is very, very steep, snowy, and hard!  Fitness will be a critical element of your success.

Weather and Cold: It is cold at night, and the higher altitudes, on your summit push, can go as low as -15 with a lot of wind.  The weather is very volatile and can change without warning. Having the right gear is essential before you travel. Your gear will be checked by Trek Leader to ensure that you have the right cold weather gear. it is not possible to get any gear on site, but the crampons will be given to you just before the last few hundred meters before the summit.

Why is it considered semi-techical?

Anytime you have to use gear for your summit this means the mountain is technical, but for Ararat you will only use crampons on your trekking shoes for the last 200 M.   

Why UAE Trekkers?

We’re not just a travel agency we are a group of people that join early in attempts to train together and go prepared. We will also have training sessions at Ski Dubai with crampons to get you used to using them.  We offer these sessions most Fridays and a few Saturdays leading up to the climb

Cost:  3800 DH


Flights are not included.

4. Turkish Visa

Depending on nationality. Many can get upon arrival.

5. Travel Insurance: Cancellation Policy

As soon as you send your payment and buy your plane tickets you should make sure that you have travel and health insurance.   You will also need to show that you have health insurance.

ITINERARY:  Subject to weather and other variables

Thursday, July 4th Day 1:  Arrival. Travel Day, overnight HOTEL.

Fly out of Dubai you will have no choice but to fly to Instabul Sabica Airport and then fly back to the east to Van, Agri, or Kars. Its a full day of travel and you will be tired.  Transfer from either airport, dinner and accomodation. (standard is twin sharing, single supplement upon request)

Friday July 5th Day 2:  Hike to Base camp

After breakfast, join the international group to trek to Base Camp at 2200 M.

Saturday July 6th Day 3:   Aug 22 Acclimatization Hike,

Stay at base camp, but hike around 300 M higher today.

Sunday, July 7th, Day 4:  Hike to High Camp: (4200 M)

The hike today is steep and the weather will be getting colder, overnight will be very cold tonight but you will wake up around 3 am to head for the summit. You will hike the steep, rocky trail up to the high camp, clearly visible up above you.  You’ll hike around 4 hours, slowly, to reach the high campsite.

Monday July 8th Day 5: Early Morning Summit Bid and descend to Base Camp

Today is the day. We will wake up in the middle of the night, 4 am) get our gear on and head up to the snowy peak 800 M above us. We will continue our ascent in a tight group, staying together at all times.  When you reach 4900M you will put crampons on your shoes just for safety for the last 200m to the summit where it will be entirely snow and therefore slippery. You’ll descend back to high camp, rest for a few hours, pack your things and descend down to Base Camp in the afternoon.  


Tuesday July 9th Day 6:  Descend to Hotel by noon.

We will wake up and head down to the hotel after a short 3 hours hike. You can take a shower and head out directly to the airport by 3 pm.

Wednesday July 10 th Day 7:   Early morning departure (additional night hotel if required)

Depending on departure timings.

One important thing to keep in mind is that this itinerary is completely dictated by the current weather conditions and can change without notice. Our guides and company will be fully aware of the weather conditions and will ensure that we arrange our schedule in order to allow us the best chances of summiting.

Pre Departure Preparation, Support and Training Program

UAE Trekkers:   

We offer an extensive pre-trip preparation program that no other operator in the business does.

Selected Fridays prior to departure in Ski Dubai .  

Fridays mornings at 730 - 8:45 am  (training is free but must be booked in advance)

Pre sign up briefing to determine your route, flights, and any specific things to your group.

  • Gear support in sourcing, loans and purchases.  We can order boots and crampons from our supplier in Nepal.

  • Pre departure briefings and full gear checks. We will ensure your team is all prepared with the correct gear and understanding of what will happen.    

  • Visa assistance

  • Pre - Trip training and preparation benchmarks and reminders.  


  • Room based on twin sharing (same sex only)

  • Transfer from the airport (Van)

  • 2 nights in the hotel

  • Tour to the Pasha castle on the way to the airport departure day

  • All meals in hotel and on mountain

  • Guides 1:4 ratio

  • Crampons for summit push

Pre Departure:  Your gear must be checked prior to departure !

Gear Purchases Available Upon Request

Sleeping bag -20  (600 Dh)

Air Mattress (300 DH)

Duffle Bag for travel (250 dh)

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