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Sunrise Showka Gorge Lollipop

  • Shawka Ras al Khaima UAE (map)

This hike is a mixture of trekking through pools of water, scrambling and hiking through dry wadis. The lollipop loop is further and longer than our traditional Showka Gorge Trek and therefore an intermediate trek. You will be required to have water shoes and trekking shoes. Prepare to be wet, potentially up to your waist and spend 4 hours trekking.

The first hour-plus will be spent ascending through a gorge with pools of water of varying depths. Maximum depth is about 1 1/2 meters, waist-deep depending on your height. The boulders in the pools are moss-laden and therefore slippery. Water shoes with good grips, neoprene socks or dive shoes will give you the traction you need. Absolutely NO SANDALS or FLIP-FLOPS.

At the end of the gorge, we will dry our feet, put our trekking shoes, and continue to the loop where we’ll scrabble and climb around obstacles. You will experience loose rock and breathtaking scenery. We will stop for pictures a snack. At the end of the trail, we will begin our descent back through the gorge. The entire trip takes around 4 hours.

The meeting location will be at Showka Canyon Parking, RAK at 5:45am. It’s about 1 hour from Dubai, 2 1/2 hours from Abu Dhabi. From that point, we will use off-road vehicles down a dirt road for 30 minutes. If you don’t have an off road car, you can carpool with someone who does at the meeting point.

COST: 250 DH + VAT

What’s included:

1 Wilderness First Aid Certified Trek Leader

1 Assistant Guide

SAT phones, so we don’t have to rely on a mobile network connection

Not included:

Transportation, water or food

Hiker’s Responsibility:

Proper hiking boots with ankle support

Proper water shoes, neoprene socks, or dive shoes

Extra pair of dry socks in ziplock bag

4L of water and backpack to carry it in


Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses

Comfortable clothes (you will get wet)

Dry clothes to change into after the hike (optional)

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