Family Friendly Treks

 Our family friendly treks are geared toward children ages 5 years and up. We’re passionate about offering families the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the natural world around us.

Camping and Desert survival

What would you do stranded in the desert? Let Mohammed share the knowledge passed down to him by his father.

Navigation 1

Old school! Use a compass, map and landmarks to find the trail.

Navigation 2

Bring on the 21st Century. Grab your smart phone and learn the art of geocaching!

Liwa Family Campout

Bring the family out for an overnight campout and hike through the dunes of Liwa.

Oman Turtles and Trekking

Explore remote beaches, see turtles lay eggs and babies hatch, hike into a canyon and swim through a narrow passage to discover what’s on the other side!