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1. How can I book a trip?

Go to our website calendar, and click on the trip you are interested in. The Book Now button at the bottom of the page will direct you to the payment platform. Once you have paid, you are confirmed.

2. What is your cancellation policy if the weather is bad?

All of our trips are weather dependent. UAE Trekkers reserves the right to reschedule a trip due to weather forecasts, advice of local vendors, or other issues that may effect the safety of a trip.

If a trip has to be rescheduled, clients have three options:

1.     Join the rescheduled trip

2.     Join another scheduled trip at the same value, or pay the difference

3.     Receive an 80% refund (20% to administrative and booking cost)

3. What is your cancellation policy if I need to cancel a trip?

The amount of the refund depends on when you cancel. Please see our Terms, but generally.

Local trips:

7 days before the trip – 100% refundable

2-6 days before a trip – 75% refundable

0-24 hours before a trip – non-refundable

International Trips:

Dependent on the trip and is listed on trip description. 

4. What is your refund policy if the airport doesn’t allow me to travel because I had less than 6 months before my passport expired, there were less than 2 pages available in my passport, or my UAE residency visa was going to expire in 3 months?

We will not refund you. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that their travel documents are current. See the policy below in Preparation.

5. How do I choose a trip at the right level for me?

It’s important to be in good health and possess a reasonable level of fitness for all of our trips.

Level 1: Simple inclines, some varied terrain, suitable for everyone

Level 2: Moderate inclines, some scrambling, more strenuous, suitable for everyone

Level 3: Good inclines, some scrambling, narrow ledges, loose rocks, suitable for physically fit

Level 4: Long inclines, switchbacks, altitude gain, more distance, suitable for those training for big mountains (Kilimanjaro, Elbrus)

Please Note: UAE Trekkers reserves the right to decline any reservation or remove anyone from a hike based on health concerns. 

6. What are the accommodations like?

All of our accommodations are comfortable, clean, and as authentic to the environment. Every place we stay, to include the middle of the Liwa desert to the dhow ship in Oman, has access to a bathroom and hot shower.

7. What about special dietary needs?

We try to cater to everyone’s dietary needs, but we are restricted in some areas with what catering operators can provide.  If you have special needs, please discuss them with us.  Otherwise, expect local cuisine wherever we go.


1. Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. Go to our website calendar to book your trip. (

 2. What additional fees can I expect?

  • 5% UAE VAT tax will be added upon payment

  • Transport within the UAE, if available (we must have 5 paid customers to provide this service)

  • Private room request, if available

  • Tips for drivers, porters, and local staff on international trips

  • Optional activities if listed on the trip description

3. How do I buy trip insurance?

Travel insurance should be purchased immediately after booking a trip. We recommend World Nomad (

4. Do you discount for children?

Not normally. Only if it is mentioned on the trip description and/or it is a designated Family Trip.


 1.What are the passport and visa requirement for international travel?

Passports: Each traveler is responsible to provide UAE Trekkers with accurate passport information. It is your responsibility to make sure your passport has two (2) blank pages, is valid for six (6) months after the end of the trip, and your UAE Residency Visa is good for three (3) months after the end of the trip.

Visas: Each traveler is responsible to obtain visas and check for travel restrictions based on nationality. Additionally UAE residences must have more than three months left on their residency visa before travel.

Customers are not refunded if any of the above situations cause them to miss a trip that has already been paid for.

2. What about inoculations, Diamox, packing, etc.?

Specific information will be available on each trip’s Get Ready Email a week before for local hikes, a month before for international treks.

3. Are airline flights included?

Not unless they are noted on the trip itinerary. Normally we will advise customers on the flight that offers the best schedule and rates.  

4. What about converting money?

Convert money at an exchange house or on arrival. ATM’s tend give the best rate on withdrawal, however you should check with your bank for their foreign transaction fees. To save money, limit the number of times you use ATM. Bring 2 major credit cards and small denominations of US cash.

5.  Are your guides First Aid certified?

Our lead guides, and usually our assistant guides are Wilderness First Aid certified. Each trekking guide carries a first aid kit and walkie-talkie to communicate with each other.  Additionally, each trek leader is well versed on the location of the nearest hospital in reference to a hike.


 1. How do we communicate before the trip?

A WhatsApp group for paid customers will be formed 7-10 days before a trip. This group has direct access to the trip leader, up-to-date information, and a platform to ask questions.

2. Can I get my own room?

If available, private rooms can be arranged for an additional cost.

3. Is transportation to an event included?

Local Hikes: Carpooling to local hikes is usually arranged via a WhatsApp group that we establish a week before a trek.  Passengers should chip in for their rides by paying the driver’s petrol cost. Occasionally transport is available for an additional fee.

Oman Treks: Mini vans are often arranged for an additional cost to take customers over the border from either Abu Dhabi or Dubai. Please contact us before a trek to see if this is an option.

International Trips: All transportation, excluding international airfare, on an international trip is included – airport/hotel transfers and destination transfers.

4. How are roommates chosen?

Roommates are chosen by request first, gender secondly.

5. What is the age range of your trips?

Ages typically range between 20-60, with a few trips that are available for families and children age 7yrs and up.

6. What is the primary language the groups are led in?

All of our guides speak English; some speak Arabic as well.

7. How large are your groups?

Most Level 1/2 day hikes average between 20 – 26 hikers with a 1:13 guide ratio.  Level 3/4/5 hikes average between 8 – 16 hikers with a 1:8 guide ratio.

8. Are you a licensed and insured business in the UAE?



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